How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone: 5 Best Ways

iPhone in 2021

Buying a new iPhone is a joyous event. However, before using a cool new device, you need to fill the contact book with your smartphone contacts. Since the lion’s share of modern smartphones is based on Android, the article will tell you about the nuances of data transfer between Android and iOS. After studying this guide in detail, you can move all contacts without loss. So what software to use for these manipulations?

1) Perspective

If you have an account in Outlook, you can easily sync all your contacts without any migration. Just install Outlook on your new iPhone and all data will sync automatically. If you use any other mail client on your Android phone, you can still use this method. However, you will mainly need to import contacts to Outlook with the help of a third-party application.

2) An archive file

Another simple method that works even for numerous contacts. They can be transferred as normal files by combining them into a single file. To do this, go to “Contacts” on your Android smartphone, open the settings and select “Import/Export contacts” – “Send contacts”. Your phone book will open, where you can select the numbers of the people you want to transfer from Android to iPhone. Then click “Send” and select the method of transferring the file with numbers. You can use mail, messaging, cloud, or Bluetooth. In order for the contacts to appear on the iPhone, you will need to download and upload the sent file.

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3) Third party software

Various programs allow you to transfer contacts quickly and easily. To import, you’ll need to create a vCard or CSV file on your Android smartphone. The easiest way to do this is to go to Google contacts on your PC and activate the “Import” menu. Then, with the help of the third-party application, you will be able to complete the migration.

4) SIM card

Perhaps the easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone is to save numbers on a SIM card and connect it to a new smartphone. However, it is important to consider here that a SIM card can usually store up to 255 contacts, and if you need to transfer more information, use other methods.

5) One by one

Sometimes you just need to transfer a contact; for example, to share your phone number with someone. To do this, follow the following algorithm:

  • Open your contact list on your Android smartphone;
  • Select the desired number by long-pressing on the contact’s name until a drop-down menu appears to send or delete;
  • Tap “Send” and choose a format to transfer information: it can be text, QR code or vCard file.

Further, everything is the same – find a convenient method of sending (cloud, Bluetooth, messenger) and transfer the contact.

We hope this article helps you with your migration. If you know of any other quick methods, please share them with us in the comments.

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