How to transfer email to Outlook from any system?

Outlook is the default option for many organizations. It is packed with features for better business communication and task management. There are many alternatives, but many users eventually migrate to Outlook. This transition is not a piece of cake. In fact, it can be daunting.

Every transfer case has its complications, whether you leave Gmail, Live Mail, Thunderbird or Mac Mail. The easiest way to solve all the problems is to get Thunderbird to Outlook or other email converter from a legitimate source. Otherwise, you will face many difficulties, sometimes insoluble. This is what every user should know.

1. Email is stored in different ways

Each mail client saves its messages, attachments, and other data in a particular format. For example, Gmail and Mozilla Thunderbird are based on variations of MBOX, while Opera Mail uses MBS. Meanwhile, Outlook can only recognize PST and EML. For migration to occur, all of your data must be converted securely and accurately.

2. Manual transfer is complicated

The Internet has a large number of guides for each transfer case. Any manual procedure has significant drawbacks. First, they suggest that you tinker with their software in ways not recommended by its developers.

Secondly, there is no guarantee of a positive result, so you should always back up your data. Third, if the transfer is possible, you will still need a converter to modify the files. The higher the volume, the higher the risks.

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If you’re willing to move the emails yourself, consider the implications. Your data can be corrupted or lost forever. The process itself is usually a long sequence involving various software products.

For example, one of the ways to convert Mac Mail to Outlook is by using two intermediary clients: Eudora and Outlook Express. Your data travels between systems before it is finally ready to export.

  • First, it extracts it from Mac Mail.
  • It then feeds it into Eudora to create a *.mbx file.
  • You then import it into Outlook Express;
  • Finally, the data can be exported to its final destination. Sounds cumbersome, right?

The only way to guarantee accuracy

Using a converter is a no-brainer. This is the only way to ensure that your emails and associated data remain intact. The best utilities will even find the source files themselves – just reboot and monitor the progress! There is a solution for every transfer scenario. Benefits include:

  • lightning fast transfer;
  • Easy to use;
  • conversion directly to Outlook or a separate PST file;
  • guaranteed accuracy and readability of the result;
  • recreation of your folder structure;
  • compact size.

The best products work with all versions of the popular operating system. These are lightweight yet powerful pieces of software, true all-in-one solutions. No additional components required! Considering the advantages, automatic transfer is the best way to move your email to Outlook. In most cases, it’s also the only way to do it.

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