‘I don’t know how to react’: Woman pays Rs 193 for Maggi at airport, shares photo of receipt

A recent tweet about an overpriced bowl of Maggi noodles at an airport went viral, prompting a flood of responses from people. The post highlighted the inflated price of the popular snack, shocking social media users and encouraging them to express their thoughts on the matter.

The tweet, which included a photo of the receipt, indicated that a single serving of Maggi noodles was being sold for Rs 193 at an unidentified airport. The photograph piqued people’s interest, resulting in a flurry of responses and conversations about the exorbitant cost of a widely consumed product.

As the tweet gained traction, Twitter users expressed surprise, annoyance, and laughter at Maggi’s excessive price tag.

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Backlash over inflated airport prices: Maggi plate sold for Rs 193

I just bought Maggi for ₹193 at the airport and I don’t know how to react, why would someone sell something like Maggi at such an inflated price? pic.twitter.com/oNEgryZIxx

– Sejal Sud (@SejalSud) July 16, 2023

Sejal Sud, a Twitter user, shared a screenshot of the invoice in which the total amount of Maggi is Rs 193, which is crazy. She wrote that she was speechless and couldn’t understand why someone would offer something like Maggi at such an exorbitant price.

Maggi noodles go viral after a Twitter user posts about its price of Rs 193 at the airportTwitter/@SejalSud

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The incident sparked outrage and sparked a debate about airport pricing practices and the need for rules to protect consumers from such inflated charges. It remains to be seen whether steps will be taken to address these issues and ensure fair prices at airports.

Internet outraged after a tweet showed a woman paid Rs 193 for a plate from Maggi Surfaces

The post has garnered over one million views, 283 retweets, 376 citations, 3,387 likes, and 78 bookmarks. There are many comments where you can see people’s opinion, some make fun of it while others are very serious about airport prices.

It also sells for 250 on Indigo flights… AAI needs to cap the fares so that consumers survive their pockets and also hunger.

— Ashish आशीष Lakhotia (@Ashish27279042) July 16, 2023

Transportation and maintenance cost.

—Samra Junaid (@SamraJunaid) July 16, 2023

Madam Maggi cost 50 rupees but to sell the same thing at the airport cost a lot of money as the coffee that Maggi sells needs to pay a huge deposit to set up that place, pay huge rent and also a part of the revenue from the airport. And on top of that, she pays the staff she does to Maggie and gets…

—Swathi Bellam (@BellamSwathi) July 16, 2023

It’s still cheap here…. If you had a cup noodle on the flight, it would have cost you ₹250/- just…

—Rakesh Sharma (@docinboxes) July 16, 2023

Everything in airports is through the roof… the same prices as multiplexes, you can say

— Manish P. Gawde (@prince_man11) July 16, 2023

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Some people even called her:

After he posted the screenshot, many people took his side and were angry at the inflated price. But on the other hand, some others called her to ask why she bought Maggi’s dish suggesting that she should have eaten at home.

Why did you buy then 😀?

—Abh Singh (@AbhSingh16) July 16, 2023

Aukad Nahin hai to order kyun kiya, Ghar se bana ke le jati

— Mrityunjay Singh (@indomitablesoul) July 16, 2023

She knows everything except content chahiye na post karne ke liye, toh everything around her for them is content, free ka maggi bhi, 100 rs ka maggi bhi.

—CA Suraj Singh (@suraj_22) July 17, 2023

Looking like a first time traveler? Airport prices are always higher than normal prices.

— SamD 🇮🇳🇺🇸 (@revisitorSam) July 17, 2023

People who can’t afford airport food should consider having an extra 2-5 minutes to cook maggi at home before flying 🙏🏻

— S. Ghosh (@SG_Twits) July 17, 2023

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