Incredible video: Octopus masterfully camouflages itself as a crab to hunt, the Internet captivates

There are thousands of terrestrial and underwater species that constantly surprise us with their beauty and, sometimes, their amazing abilities.

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Which octopus is dressed as a crab?

octopus disguises itself as a crab
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The blue-ringed octopus is a fascinating organism that many people are unaware of.

Due to its small size and captivating design, this creature appears innocent and charming. This small and deadly octopus is an incredible hunter that can blend into its surroundings and even disguise itself in various ways.

What happens in the video?

A video recently went viral showing the amazing ability of a blue-ringed octopus to disguise itself as a crab. The clip begins with an extraordinary moment in which an octopus manages to disguise its physique in such a way that at first glance it looks like a crab. The beast did this in an attempt to trick and assault the prey.

The cephalopod then achieves something unprecedented in its history. Two of the octopus’s tentacles are used to “walk” and assault the victim. Even if an octopus misses its prey, seeing the creature’s ingenuity as it hunts is a sight to behold. The camera captured a video of the incident that surprised netizens.

The video was posted on Instagram by Ahmad Abdella, a man who rescues and cares for octopuses as pets. “I couldn’t believe she did this!” says the title. Only a few species of octopus have been observed traveling this way in the wild. “It is known as bipedal locomotion and is uncommon in captivity.”

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How did people react on the Internet?

The video, which was posted just two days ago, has already received more than 40.6 thousand likes. Social media users were stunned and expressed a wide range of emotions in response to this stunning but terrifying image of camouflage and prey hunting.

“This is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in a long time!” said one Instagram user. “This is the coolest animal ever!” said another. “How smart he is.” “That’s both amazing and scary,” said another.

“Amazing!” said one account. What a shot! We’re delighted you saw it and were able to share it with us!” Amazed by the octopus’ ability, one story commented: “I didn’t realize blue rings could do that! That is fantastic.”

“I can see he got impatient and the shrimp ran away, but I love the innovation!” said one Instagram user. Watch the video here.

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