Inside equestrian Tatyana Remley’s failed engagements before she allegedly took a $2 million ‘hit’ on her husband

The glamorous equestrian accused of paying $2 million to her second husband has a history of failed engagements with wealthy men and using child support payments to support her lavish lifestyle.

Before Tatyana Remley was arrested last month for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill her second husband, Mark, the blonde beauty ended at least three previous engagements, according to friends and court documents obtained by The Post.

Tatyana, 42, also lost custody of her two children a few years ago, according to her former friends.

Before marrying Mark Remley in March 2011, Tatyana was briefly married to Seattle real estate developer Ken Woolcott, who accused his ex-wife of using her credit cards to buy clothes only to return the items and keep the money.

Authorities said Tatyana Remley initially tried to hire a friend to kill her husband, Mark, in San Diego, California. Cops set up an undercover operation where Tatyana allegedly proposed a plan to kill and dispose of her husband’s body with an undercover detective. Tatyana Remley /Facebook
Ken Woolcott, Tatyana Remley's first husbandKen Woolcott, Tatyana Remley’s first husband, was a part-owner of the Sonics before the NBA team moved to Oklahoma City. Instagram/Ken Woolcott

“I know that Petitioner has additional funds at her disposal because I have evidence that she converted my funds into her own separate property,” Woolcott said in a December 2004 deposition obtained by The Post. “I am not willing to give her cash as she demonstrated during her marriage her inability to properly manage money and she stole money from me, which she still has access to.”

In her own response, Tatyana said that Woolcott, who is 20 years older than her, said she was unemployed, while the father of her first child was worth at least $40 million at the time.

Woolcott, who made money as a pharmaceutical executive before getting into real estate development, also co-owned the Seattle Sonics before the NBA team moved to Oklahoma City.

“For reference, I am 24 years old,” Tatyana wrote in her December 2004 response. “Our son is now 11 months old. I didn’t finish high school. When I met the defendant, I was financially dependent on my parents.

“I worked for a summer at the Wild Animal Park and did modeling, but I didn’t make enough to even file a tax return.”

A California woman known for a pair of high-profile business failures with her husband has been accused of trying to hire someone to kill him in San Diego County.Tatyana Remley is in a San Diego jail after she was arrested last month for soliciting a hitman to kill her ex-husband, Mark.Tatyana Remley/Facebook

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While their marriage only lasted 11 months, the two became embroiled in a nearly decade-long custody battle over their son in which they fought over his medical care and who should get primary custody. The two finalized their divorce in April 2006.

Woolcott said that while they both loved their son, there were numerous times when Tatyana would forget to take her son to important medical appointments and would deny her son’s special needs. Sometimes she didn’t even show up for her visits with him.

“[He] She needs her mom in her life a lot, but what history has taught us is that Tatyana doesn’t appreciate how much she cries. [the child] when he thinks he is going to see his mom and she, for whatever reason, makes that not happen,” Woolcott wrote in an August 2014 affidavit.

Woolcott said her ex never had a job while paying for their son’s medical and child support expenses. Although the two had an ironclad prenuptial agreement that prevented Woolcott from having to pay spousal support, the businesswoman still paid rent and other bills until she married Mark Remley, who also has five children from a previous marriage.

Tatyana also had a daughter with another man, who also paid at least $5,000 a month in child support, according to court documents.

Woolcott alleged that her ex spent most of the nearly $9,000 in monthly child support payments she received from her exes on her and her horses.

Despite the couple's problems, photos appear to show that Tatyana Remley has her ex-husband's name tattooed with a heart on her hip.Despite the couple’s problems, photos appear to show that Tatyana Remley has her ex-husband’s name, Mark, tattooed with a heart on her hip. Tatyana Remley/Facebook

“Although I understand that Tatyana recently had a child, many single mothers have to return to work after giving birth in order to support their children,” Woolcott said in a statement. “Why is Tatyana an exception to this rule?

“The answer is that he can live comfortably with the money he received from the parents of his two children. Living comfortably means she can rent in Rancho Santa Fe, drive a late model Lexus vehicle, support her mother, pursue her passion for horses, and support two minor children.”

Remley’s passion for horses is what led her to the exclusive world of polo in Southern California, where former friends told The Post that the tall blonde was “sex-crazed” and used her model looks to get laid. with men and women.

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DEL MAR, California.  A Del Mar woman is in custody and is accused of trying to hire someone to kill her husband and dispose of her body.Tatyana Remley is accused of trying to hire someone to kill her husband, Mark, and dispose of his body. CBS 8 San Diego

After her breakup with Woolcott, she was engaged to three other men “for a short period,” a judge wrote in an October 2011 affidavit.

In her battle to win full custody, Woolcott said she was worried her son would see fights between Tatyana and his mother. He also alleged that Mark “discharged a firearm” at his Del Mar home.

Tatyana dismissed Woolcott’s concerns as “opportunistic” and said her ex was using them to gain full custody of their son.

A judge ended up giving Woolcott full custody and allowed her son to move to Seattle.

Tatyana Remley is seen posing with her ex-husband's luxury sports car.
Tatyana Remley is seen posing with her ex-husband’s luxury sports car. Tatiana Remley/Facebook

Friends said Tatyana continued to target rich men and was “passed” in polo circles, while she also had sexual relationships with women.

One of the men she was in a relationship with even sued Remley in 2009 for $4,000 in unpaid loans that she claimed were a gift, according to court records obtained by The Post. The small claims court judge agreed with the man and ordered Tatyana to disburse the money.

But things were different with Mark, who was “py spanked” and gave the former model “what she wanted,” former friends said.

Mark, who was listed as the former executive vice president and chief information officer of Signal Corporation, was worth about $30 million when the two married in March 2011, according to court documents.

Friends said the two met at a Starbucks and hit it off instantly. The couple shared a $5.3 million home in Del Mar, California, near Del Mar Polo Fields, and also had a home in Hawaii.

He would fund Tatyana’s every whim and desire, including a horse training and acrobatic show called Valitar that they hoped would rival Cavalia’s more popular show.

The two also created a corporation called Equustria Development, but Mark had to declare the company bankrupt when Valitar failed to attract an audience and closed in 2012.

Epic flop: Valitar horse show goes disastrously in San Diego A promotional photo for Valitar, the epic horse show, or epic flop, in San Diego whose performers and vendors are still owed millions from producers Mark and Tatyana Remley . A promotional photo for Valitar, a horse and stunt show produced by Mark and Tatyana Remley that failed due to poor ticket sales and competition with the more popular show Cavalia. The couple was unable to pay artists or vendors when the show suddenly closed in 2012. Validate

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That didn’t stop the couple from seeking the spotlight as they became more open about their desires to participate in orgies, friends told The Post. The couple even appeared in 2017 on the Showtime series “Naked SNCTM,” where members of an elite sex club share partners.

Tatyana, who sported a brunette hairstyle, was shown engaging in sexual acts with several women in an episode of the show.

“At the beginning of our relationship, we didn’t like this lifestyle,” Mark said. “But as time went on and our sexuality grew together, we became more open to this type of experience.”





Inside the twisted sex life of equestrian Tatyana Remley, Mark Remley
Tatyana and Mark Remley on the short-lived Showtime series “Naked SNCTM,” where Mark used the pseudonym “Vladimir.” Showtime/Naked SNCTM
FOR NEWS - Inside the twisted sex life of equestrian Tatyana Remley, Mark Remley
Tatyana Remley participating in sexual games in the Showtime documentary series “Naked SNCTM.” Showtime/Naked SNCTM

“I’m drawn to things that push boundaries,” Mark added.

However, the businessman finally reached his limit after a friend told him that Tatyana tried to hire him as a hitman to kill him. Tatyana had filed for divorce in July and claimed that Mark did nothing while one of her friends raped her.

Mark then went to the police, who set up a sting operation with an undercover detective to meet with Tatyana in August at a Starbucks in Solano Beach, California.

After Tatyana was arrested on August 2, Mark also told police that his wife burned their house to the ground days before trying to stage the attack, Coast News reported.

Tatyana also faces charges of possessing a loaded firearm that is not registered in her name.

Woolcott told The Post that he had not heard from Tatyana in more than five years and was shocked by allegations that his ex-wife hired a hitman to kill Mark.

“Our relationship was short and there were no accusations of violence,” Woolcott said. “I couldn’t imagine anyone doing this. My son hasn’t seen her since August 2018. I haven’t seen her either and haven’t talked to her, so I don’t know what her relationship is. [with Mark] it was like. “I’m just baffled.”

With additional reporting by Michael Kaplan.

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