Iowa Woman Sentenced To 50 Years In Jail For Drowning Newborn In Bathtub To Hide Drugs

A 24-year-old woman hailing from Iowa has been given a 50-year sentence following her conviction for drowning her daughter in a bathtub. Taylor Blaha, the woman in question, held concerns that her bloodstream might reveal drug presence, potentially leading to losing custody of their elder child.

According to a New York Times report, Blaha entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder last Friday and asked for immediate sentencing.


Her sentence entails serving 70 percent of the term, equivalent to 35 years, before being considered eligible for parole. Brandon Thoma, Blaha’s boyfriend, aged 31, had also entered a guilty plea the previous month. 

His charges included child endangerment leading to death and mistreating a deceased body.

Authorities disclosed that both individuals submerged their newborn daughter in a partially filled bathtub to silence her cries, concealing her lifeless body within a backpack that was subsequently abandoned in a wooded region. Despite efforts, law enforcement was unable to locate the infant’s remains.

Blaha told the police that she had consumed methamphetamine during childbirth on November 16, 2022. 

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Both she and her boyfriend were gripped by anxiety over the prospect of child services discovering this, which could have resulted in the loss of custody of their 2-year-old son.

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An affidavit acquired by NBC affiliate WHO13 details that Ms. Blaha delivered a baby girl on November 16 in the bathroom of her residence in the 900 block of Central Avenue. 

Following the birth, she purportedly sought methamphetamines from Mr. Thoma, who was in the bedroom then, to alleviate her discomfort. 

The newborn, named Kayleen Lee Blaha, was the result of this childbirth.

In conclusion, when the baby was born, she exhibited signs of life—crying, moving her limbs, and even opening her brown eyes, which Ms. Blaha could observe. 

Ms. Blaha initially intended to give the baby to her sister. However, as the Independent reported, she changed her plans out of concern that the cries might draw neighbors’ attention and possibly result in law enforcement involvement.

The media outlet also mentioned that the police discovered searches for ways to induce miscarriages on the suspects’ devices.

The affidavit further states, “During her interview, Blaha confirmed with Detective Stringer that she and Thoma took actions in an attempt to cause a miscarriage; however, they did so unsuccessfully.”

“Communication between Blaha and Thoma, as viewed through their cellular devices, confirms conversations about where Thoma claims to have discarded Kayleen’s body.”

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