Is Liu Wen Cheng dead? Death of Taiwanese singer fake news trending

News of Liu Wen Cheng’s death was spreading. The media have confirmed that the death was faked. People want to know the reason behind it.

You will get comprehensive information about the Liu Wen Cheng fake death incident. Keep reading the article for more details.

Liu Wen Cheng was faking his death?

Rumors spread that Liu Wen Cheng had died. People come to know that the artist was faking death. People who know Liu closely have already begun to doubt the news.

A popular singer, Annie, who has been Liu’s apprentice, had doubts about death. She already said it would be fake.

The news went viral on February 15, 2023. People started sharing it on the internet. Annie was attending an event when she received the news. She, along with many other people, were shocked after hearing it.

She was not able to believe the fact. Annie decided to take a flight. As the news was confirmed to be false, she went back to her job. She was shaking and anxious.

Annie respects Liu and sees her as her mentor. Liu plays an important role in her life. She said that she wouldn’t believe the news very much if it wasn’t from family members.

He said he respects her privacy. She calmed down and changed the subject. It was said that Annie was right. He was faking her death after being fed up with the questions about her return.

He felt bad after lying to his fans. Later, she decided to reveal the truth. She posted on social media about her mentor. She said that she still knows her mentor.

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Many times, celebrities spread rumors so that they can have some privacy. It is important to give an individual her space.

Sometimes the life of a celebrity becomes much more difficult than a normal life. They have to work very hard to be alone in a public place.


Liu Wen Cheng is alive. He is not dead. The news was spread by him to have some personal space. He continually wondered about his life and his return.

The artist was fed up with responding to the media. He announced the false news of his death. Later, he apologized for the fake news about him. He felt guilty for lying to his fans.

This was all about the rumor of Liu’s death. We keep bringing such updates. Stay tuned for more details on his favorite celebrities.

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