Is Phillip Schofield in another relationship? What does he say about his gender?

Phillip Schofield was born and raised in Oldham, Greater Manchester, England. He is very well known in the UK. People want to know about your relationship controversy. You will get complete details about Phillip Schofield relationship. Keep reading for more details.

Is Phillip Schofield in another relationship?

Phillip Schoefield is said to be in another relationship with a guy. He started out as a broadcaster and later became a presenter. He hosted shows like ‘Going Live’ and ‘The Cube.’ He also co-hosted ITV’s This Morning. He co-hosted with Holly Willoughby. He has been highly appreciated for his work. He also won national television awards and BAFTAs. In 2020, he comes out as gay with an emotional statement. Phillip Schofield is already married to Stephanie Lowe. They got married in 1993. They were happily married and gave birth to two daughters.

Philip Schofield

He is also an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and supports the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. He likes to connect with charities. We don’t have many details about him in another relationship. He publicly mentioned his gender in 2020. He announced the news after 27 years of marriage. He was emotional when making the announcement. The good thing was that his wife and daughters supported him. He now lives alone. there is no confirmation that he is in another relationship.

Philip Schofield

Are Phillip Schofield and Stephine Lowe divorced?

Philip Schofield and Stephine Lowe have not been divorced. They are just separate. His wife is supporting him and has not talked about divorce. They just live apart after Philip mentions his interest in the same gender. He posts on Instagram about his gender in February 2020. He also states that he has been through a lot of struggles right now with his sexuality. He was confused by his feelings since his teens.

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He never came out with his true identity and continued to suppress it. It often becomes difficult to accept such things, especially in such a secretive society. It’s good to see that she finally accepted herself publicly. He could be at more peace after being himself. He mentions that the most difficult task was sharing this with his wife. He already shared his gender with his close friends and family, but did not share it with his wife. He didn’t expect his wife to be so supportive. She has accepted the fact. Both live apart but in contact with each other.

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