It seems? They compare Loren Mercadal with Miss Universe 2023, Sheynnis Palacios

Users on social networks compared Miss Universe 2023, Sheynnis Palacios, with the presenter of Las Mañanas del 5, on Channel 5, Loren Mercadal.

After the 23-year-old Nicaraguan became the most beautiful woman in the world by winning the beauty pageant, several Hondurans noticed her resemblance to the Honduran presenter.

Short black hair, skin tone and dazzling smile are the main characteristics that Miss Universe and Loren Mercadal share.

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“Are you Miss Nicaragua?”, “Identical to Miss Nicaragua”, “She looks like Miss Universe”, congratulations on winning Miss Universe”, some users wrote on Loren’s photographs.

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In the same way, there were some who asked and insisted that they should participate in the next edition of Miss Universe.

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The Honduran was grateful for the comparison and also happy to the model for her victory in the contest, in which she competed with 82 young people who wanted to take the crown to their countries.

Nayib Bukele stole the show at the closing of Miss Universe 2023, political marketing?

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