Naomi Biden shares video commemorating the first anniversary of her wedding at the White House

Naomi Biden posted a lengthy wedding video on social media on Sunday to mark the one-year anniversary of their lavish White House wedding.

Biden, 29, granddaughter of President Joe Biden, 80, was married one year ago today on the south lawn of the presidential mansion, the first wedding ever held at the picturesque location.

For a whopping 8 minutes and 17 seconds, the video highlighted the opulent wedding as it moved from inside the White House, to the South Lawn, where her father Hunter Biden walked Naomi down the aisle, then returned inside to a lunch and later. an evening reception.

Throughout the video, Naomi twirled and hugged guests in a variety of white dresses. She looked out the windows and smiled shyly as she held hands with her husband Peter Neal in 16mm footage, all while music meant to tug at the heartstrings played along with tearful toasts and speeches to the happy couple.

“It’s a great honor to live here, and it’s a huge, huge debt I owe to the American people,” the president said during a toast, “but I’ve never felt at home until today.”

Naomi Biden and Peter Neal kissing at their wedding in images from their White House wedding in November 2022. Instagram/Naomi Biden Naomi Biden dancing with her father Hunter Biden, who gave her away at the South Lawn ceremony last year. Instagram/Naomi Biden

“To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart and sing it to them when they need it,” another person said in a speech.

At numerous points in the video, the bride could be seen looking up from a lowered gaze, and the groom, 26, could be seen buttoning his jacket and looking over his shoulder.

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Together they cut their extremely tall wedding cake with the help of a stepladder in one shot, and Naomi swiveled a little further in others.

Although shots of the 250-guest wedding have circulated for the past year, the video was one of the first extensive looks inside the event, which, aside from the outdoor ceremony, the Bidens kept largely private.

Naomi Biden shares a kiss with her grandfather, President Joe Biden, 80. She is her eldest granddaughter. Instagram / Naomi Biden Naomi Biden and Peter Neal cut their wedding cake very high with the help of a stool in a shot from the wedding video. Instagram / Naomi Biden

Breaking with traditions of the previous 18 weddings held at the White House, the Bidens excluded journalists from the event and granted access only to Vogue for a spread that focused on Naomi getting ready and included another shot of her looking out a window.

“We always knew we were going to get married in someone’s backyard,” the president’s oldest granddaughter told the magazine.

The decision to keep out the press was met with criticism from some, who argued that the White House was not a private residence and that the Bidens did not have the right to completely exclude journalists.

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