Italian city located in the hills of Sicily offers artists FREE food and stay for 1 month

Europe has long been a romantic getaway for artists looking to take a deep dive into their artistic musings. Chief among the continent’s whimsical destinations is the island of Sicily in Italy. The location is not only a visual treat, but also offers travelers the opportunity to be surrounded by the island’s rich heritage.

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Italy Town offers artists free food and 1-month stays

Sambuca Di Sicilia offers stay with free food for 1

If you have been thinking about moving to Sicily, now is your time to take firm action! The town of Sambuca di Sicilia offers two lucky artists the chance to stay for free on this land surrounded by blue seas.

Sicily recently became a trending name on the internet after news broke that the city in Italy was offering abandoned houses for as little as $1. The community now accepts applications from all types of artists from around the world.

The two artists selected for the adventure will enjoy living in exquisite houses as neighbors. Each of these houses for sale has a living room, dining room, kitchen, office and a balcony with fascinating views of a nearby lake. Each of the artists selected for the dream stay prize of €2,000 (Rs 1.7 lakhs) also receives a materials allowance of €1,200 (Rs 1.07 lakhs) for a month’s stay.

According Time is overthe mayor Giuseppe Cacioppo added that the artists would have to donate the fruit of their stay, the art, to the city in exchange for a month of free stay.

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More about Sambuca di Sicilia

Sambuca Di Sicilia offers stay with free food for 1

The city’s history dates back to 830 AD and is known locally as “The Granary of Sicily”. Even today, its historic millstones continue to produce bread and pasta, two Italian breakfast staples. Any artist would find great inspiration while touring the magnificence of the city’s majestic architecture and mountain views.

The city is located among the green hills of Sicily. Sambuca di Sicilia is a picturesque gem that would leave any artist speechless and stunned by its tranquil beauty.

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