Italian MP Gilda Sportiello saw breastfeeding in Parliament; She knows the benefits of breast milk for the baby

Breastfeeding helps prevent childhood obesity and promotes healthy weight gain.

For the first time, something unexpected happened in the Italian parliament. An Italian parliamentarian obtained breast milk for a small baby. According to Reuters, the name of this Italian deputy is Gilda Sportiello. She breastfed her baby, Federico, in the Chamber of Deputies, and after all this, the deputies praised her action, to which she was highly applauded.

There are many nations where breastfeeding is commonplace, but in male-dominated nations like Italy, this is actually the first instance of a lower house member breastfeeding a child. Even Giorgio Mule acknowledged that a woman had never before nursed her child with the consent of all parties.

Benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child

Breastfeeding has a wide range of benefits, including numerous health benefits for both mother and child. Not only this, but all medical professionals agree that breastfeeding is advantageous as it reduces the chance of your baby contracting a variety of diseases and helps your child develop a strong immune system.

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Do you realize that breastfeeding provides your newborn baby with almost everything he needs for growth and development? The right balance of fat, sugar, water, protein, and vitamins is present in breast milk, which is also very easy to digest, protects the immune system, and supports healthy weight gain.

important antibodies

All women should know that breast milk contains a significant amount of antibodies that can help babies fight germs and viruses. Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is also abundant in the colonostrum. By developing a coating on the baby’s nose, digestive system and throat, it helps prevent the baby from getting sick. Improves the health of the infant.

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Promotes a baby’s health

Breastfeeding helps prevent childhood obesity and promotes healthy weight gain. According to studies, breastfeeding for more than four months significantly reduces the likelihood that a child will grow up overweight or obese. Babies who are breastfed have higher levels of good gut flora and leptin than formula-fed babies. In addition, they self-regulate their milk intake and establish healthy eating habits.

Babies who are breastfed may become smarter

Due to close physical contact, touch and eye contact, as well as nutrient content, breastfeeding can help babies do better on tests. According to studies, breastfed babies score smarter and are less likely to have behavior problems. Premature babies, who are most likely to experience developmental problems, experience the most noticeable consequences.

Breastfeeding helps the uterus contract

Oxytocin, a hormone that rises during pregnancy, stimulates the process of involution of the uterus. It increases during lactation to promote uterine contractions and stop bleeding, and increases during labor to aid delivery and stop bleeding. According to studies, breastfeeding women experience reduced postpartum blood loss and faster uterine involution.

Prevention of menstruation

Ovulation and menstruation stop during lactation, which may be the natural method to ensure that there is some time between pregnancies. It’s an added bonus when you spend time with your baby.

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