‘It’s not just a pen, it’s an emotion’: Reynolds pen discontinuation rumor hits the internet and sends Desis into a frenzy

Nowadays, all the children of the 90s remember the simpler times. Golden age nostalgia hits the hardest when we stumble upon childhood memories: the little things that somehow mattered most. Items that were once a part of our everyday lives but lost their place for generations to come as we age.

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Reynolds pen discontinuation rumor leaves desi people in tears

Internet reaction on the discontinuation of the Reynolds penTwitter

Reynolds’ iconic pen was one of those loud memories that days spent at school always brought back. So when people on the internet got a suspicion that Reynolds might be discontinuing production of the nostalgic product, Desis panicked.

People began to mourn the loss of the pen and dedicate publications to the cherished memory of school. Just as a college uniform of his could unleash a sea of ​​emotions, the mention of Reynolds losing control of him in the Indian market also opened the floodgates.

On Twitter, people dramatically mourned the loss of the pen. One mentioned that they still use the pen while working.

I still use the same ones…I ordered 15 of these for my office. I think they will be the last now. pic.twitter.com/jdy0wrHVZx

-AK (@HaddHaiYaar) August 24, 2023

Whereas it was felt that the pen should definitely be called “India’s national pen”.

This has to be the national pen of India.

– 90skid (@memorable_90s) August 24, 2023

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To preserve his nostalgic mind, one user ordered a 70-piece pack of the pen from Amazon before the India-wide “purge” began.

I just ordered 70 pieces at 455. pic.twitter.com/r1RGYIfwbu

—Rahman Mustafi (@feluda01) August 24, 2023

Another mentioned that the pen was an emotion.

Reynolds is not just a pen, it’s an emotion. I still remember scratching letters to form INDIA pic.twitter.com/aki7KFbdeZ

– Badass dad 🚬 🍺 (@Badass_Superdad) March 21, 2023

Is Reynolds really done with India?


The company has come forward to clarify that recent talk of its exit from the Indian market was false. To put it plainly, the rumor was just that: a rumor.

The company has come forward to clarify that recent talk of its exit from the Indian market was false. Reynolds told Moneycontrol: “This story is completely inaccurate and is intended to mislead readers into false conclusions. We want to emphasize that Reynolds continues to maintain his significant presence in the Indian market.”

Easy guys, good old Reynolds Pen is not going anywhere. https://t.co/cTQC6u7E8X pic.twitter.com/Ead7aNEkbB

-Rahul Srinivas (@whizkidd) August 25, 2023

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