Jenny Craig Weight Loss Closes All Operations After Four Decades

Jenny Craig is closing her weight loss centers and warning of mass layoffs. Read the article and follow us to know more. Jenny Craig, Inc, often called Jenny Craig, is an American weight loss, weight management, and nutrition company. The company has more than 700 weight control centers in Australia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand. The program combines individual weight management counseling with a menu of frozen meals and other foods that are distributed through its centers or shipped directly to clients. Jenny Craig and her husband, Sidney Craig, founded Jenny Craig Inc in 1983 in Melbourne, Australia, and began operations in the United States in 1985. The company expanded rapidly after entering the US, opening 46 locations across 1987 and 114 in other countries. In 1991, the company experienced a generation of $73.5 million in financing.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss

Jenny Craig is reportedly closing some of her weight loss centers and warning employees of mass layoffs amid turmoil in the industry over popular new prescription drugs like Ozempic. Jenny Craig alerted employees to possible layoffs as she begins to “wind down physical operations” and looks for a buyer, according to NBC News. Jenny Craig has almost 500 weight loss centers in the United States and Canada. The company was founded in 1983 and did not disclose to CNN how many weight loss centers will close or how many employees will be affected.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss

A spokesperson for Jenny Craig told CNN that, like many other businesses, they are currently transitioning from a traditional retail business to a customer-friendly, e-commerce-oriented model. They added that they will share more details in the coming weeks as their plans solidify. The Jenny Craig Program’s nutritionally balanced menus, which include entrees, desserts and snacks, are designed to help people lose weight. Bloomberg reported this week that the company is roughly $250 million in debt and is considering filing for bankruptcy if efforts to find a buyer for its assets fail.

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Jenny Craig Weight Loss

It’s the latest sign of major changes in the weight-loss industry, brought about by popular new diabetes prescription drugs like Wegovy, Ozempic and Rybelsus. These relatively new drugs work by stimulating the release of insulin, which helps lower blood sugar. They also help slow down the passage of food through the intestine. The FDA approved Ozempic for diabetes management in 2017 and Wegovy for weight loss in 2021. Traditional weight loss companies are struggling to adapt. WeightWatchers is also getting into the business of prescription weight loss drugs. The company, now known as WW International, recently bought Sequence, a telehealth subscription service that connects patients with doctors who can prescribe diabetes and weight-loss medications. The $106 million acquisition of Sequence will give WW a foothold in the growing market for prescription drugs to manage weight loss. Ozempic has gained popularity in part because celebrities use it to lose weight. But there are many concerns about using diabetes drugs for weight loss, including high costs and shortages that make it hard for people with diabetes to get the drugs.

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