Juanes’ children, what are their names and how old are the heirs of the interpreter of ‘The Black Shirt’

Juanes keeps his children off social networks, however he always shares photographs on them showing off his family.

The Colombian singer manages his low-profile life on social networks, but on occasions Juanes has shown quality time with his wife and children.

As the composer is known, he is married to Karen Martínez, a Colombian actress and model, with whom he had a relationship for several years before reaching the altar.

The couple married in 2004 and as a result of that marriage their 3 children were born, who do not have much age difference.

Who are Juanes’ children?

Moon, 19 years old; Paloma, 18; and Dante, 13, the son of Juanes’ heirs with his wife Karen Martinez.

On the other hand, the first-born of the marriage, Luna, was born before the Colombian got married, that is, in 2003, and she recently graduated showing interest in the artistic medium.

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Furthermore, when Juanes’ first daughter was born, the artist dedicated “A Normal Day” to her, expressing his love in verses.

His second daughter. Paloma, like her sister, shows off her lifestyle on social networks, sharing her taste in fashion.

Paloma is a year younger than her sister Luna, she is 18 years old and at a young age she is pursuing her career as a model.

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The last of Juanes’ children is called Dante and at 13 years old he generates many comments on the networks due to his resemblance to his father and his height.

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For Juanes’ part, he does not expose the lives of his children, however each of them manages social networks, sharing their lives with their followers.

With the exception of his son Dante who does not have social networks, because he is not of the age of majority requested for them.

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