Korean man in Patna speaks flawless Hindi like a complete Indian, video leaves people speechless

Lately, an influx of Korean media has been unleashed around the world. From K-dramas to K-pop songs, everything South Korean has been on the trending tab.

Although it may not come as a surprise to see a desi well versed in Korean culture, it is quite rare to see a Korean enjoying something desi. That is why the video of a Korean man speaking fluent Hindi with a Desi accent has sent the internet into a frenzy.

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Korean man in Patna speaks flawless Hindi with Indian accent in viral video

korean man in patna speaks impeccable hindiinstagram

In the clip, a Korean content creator was visiting Bihar after several years. Charlie, the Hindi-speaking Korean, joins Indian travel blogger Prashant Kumar on his adventures through Pana.

The travel blogger and the Korean converse in Hindi throughout their vlog. A clip that instantly traveled on the viral train garnered over 650,000 likes on Instagram as people were shocked to see Charlie speaking perfect Hindi. The Korean content creator actually lives in Iowa, USA, but returned to India after several years.

Charlie mentions in the clip how Patna’s face had gone through a complete transformation. He shares how coming to the city after three years had quite an impact on him. Both creators met before hopping on Prashant’s bike to see the magnificence of Patna’s own Marine Drive.

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Looking at the new development, Charlie compared it to New York as he gasped at the sight he was enjoying. The duo then headed to a local fair where they ate their fill and rode rides while Charlie chatted with people in his fluent Hindi like a local desi.

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Korean man speaking in Hindi shocked people online

Seeing the man in action, people online were absolutely baffled. One user gasped: “Itna perfect kaise bhai.” While another envisioned, “Kdrama w Bihari Subtitles”. A fellow student was so surprised to see Charlie’s accent and knowledge of the Hindi language, that they jokingly wondered if the video was AI generated, “Ye wala video AI generated h.”

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