YouTube dark mode on iPhone: know all the details

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The night mode or dark theme is widely used in many internet services and operating systems, such as Windows, iOS or Android. This night mode is highly recommended, especially in some environments with low light, that is, at night. One of the services that has offered night mode for quite some time is Youtube. We will discuss YouTube dark mode on iPhone in this article.

The night mode changes the tonality of the colors of the interface so that the light on the screen is much less and does not damage the eyes. In the case of YouTube, the interface will change from white to a light gray, almost black, instead of warmer tones or colors.

Youtube dark mode is highly recommended when using the official app before bed. Lowering the interface brightness will not affect your sleep and it will be much easier to fall asleep after watching videos.

Next we want to show you step by step how to activate the dark mode in the YouTube app for iOS:

iPhone in YouTube dark mode: complete process

The first will be to update the YouTube application to the latest version available in the App Store. Access its interior to follow the line when it is updated by clicking on the icon/profile picture. This will open a side menu where you must select the Settings option.

A new screen will automatically open with all the settings available for your YouTube account and the installed app. You will find the one that says: Dark Theme among all these configuration options. Next to it, there is a switch that you need to activate.

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Once activated, you will see how the interface of the YouTube app changes completely and stops being white to show itself in black. Close the settings screen to continue using the app in the same way as before.

Now when you use the Youtube app at night, it will not be so annoying because of the brightness, and you will be able to sleep much faster and more pleasantly. The activation of the night mode in the YouTube app (Dark Theme) is completely reversible, so you can deactivate it when you are in a sufficiently lit environment or during the day.

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