Liverpool fans arrested and charged with skipping a €2,200 bar tab in central Madrid

It’s almost impossible not to hear that English soccer fans aren’t doing something illegal and bizarre when the Champions League is in full swing. Recently, we learned about the arrest of Liverpool fans. Ever since the news of the Liverpool Fans’ arrest broke, football fans have also been curious as to what English football fans did in Spain that led to their arrest. Many questions prevail in the minds of soccer fans. That is why we brought this article to you. In the following sections of this column, we will discuss what are the charges or accusations against you and more. You just have to continue with this page to know this story in detail. Scroll down the page and take a look at the following sections.

Liverpool fans arrested

This week some Liverpool fans were in Spain to watch Liverpool’s long-awaited clash with Madrid when they were arrested. It is said that the reason for his arrest is not paying a €2,200 bill at a hotel where everyone is invited to the party. According to the National Police, two Liverpool fans were arrested when they tried to leave a Spanish nightclub without paying their bill of 2,200 euros. Doesn’t that sound weird? Scroll down the page and read more details.

Liverpool fans arrested

This incident took place at Commo Nightclub located in Madrid, Spain. Speaking of the arrested Liverpool fans, the two fans are said to be 73 and 71 years old. They reportedly drank a total of 90 glasses of champagne costing a whopping €2,200 – enough for a huge party – but they weren’t supposed to pick up the bill and tried to escape the nightclub. Let us analyze this incident in more detail. Move on to the next section and read more details.

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Liverpool fans arrested

According to sources, the Liverpool fans had stretched a tab worth €1,000 during their first round of drinking and then invited everyone to join the celebrations with them and drank 90 glasses of champagne worth €2,200. maybe they got tired of being so prodigal and decided to leave, without paying but with all the tranquility in the world. Meanwhile, the nightclub staff turned aggressive. Eventually, the police were called and the officer on duty arrested the two Liverpool fans and charged them with fraud. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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