Loreto Peralta Guerra de Vecinos, how was your participation in this successful series?

Loreto Peralta, one of the most promising Mexican actresses, won the affection of fans of the series Neighborhood War with her portrayal of Crista, the daughter of Silvia (Ana Layevska) and Ernesto (Mark Tacher).

The American actress Loreto Peralta, who was recognized after the film she starred in alongside Eugenio Derbez, 10 years ago, No Se Accepted Returns is shining on television.

His participation in the series Guerra de Vecinos, on the Netflix platform, has left a good taste in the mouth, even though he did not appear in the second season.

Loreto Peralta and Eugenio Derbez.

Peralta brings to life the character of Crista, who is a conceited and spoiled young woman who is used to having everything she wants. However, she also has a good heart and is willing to help others.

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An outstanding performance

Loreto Peralta knew how to bring Crista to life in a very natural and fun way. The actress managed to make fans empathize with the character, despite her flaws.

Neighborhood war: why Loreto Peralta is not in season 2 |  FAME |  MAGAZINE.Loreto Peralta.

The young 19-year-old actress did not explain why she did not appear in the second season of ‘Guerra de Vecinos’, nor did the production of the project.

However, Peralta mentioned that she was busy and focused on other projects, so she decided to resign.

Loreto Peralta’s participation in Neighborhood War was a resounding success. The actress demonstrated her talent and her ability to play complex characters, which is why some followers of the actress claim that the series is no longer the same without her.

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