Love Behind Bars: Man Fakes His Own Arrest Before Surprise Proposal, Shocks Partner

Proposing to one’s partner can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences. From mapping every second of the master plan to gathering all the necessary resources to pull off the proposal, all of it takes considerable time and manpower.

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Man Fakes Arrest As Part Of His Proposal Plan

Man Fakes Arrest In Surprise ProposalWBZ

Well, for one man in New Hampshire, the proposal started as an elaborate prank. The guy asked his girlfriend to marry him, but he made it extra special by getting the town’s police chief involved. He gave his soon-to-be wife a surprising experience with the law that she won’t ever forget.

Last September, Matt Van Vliet and his girlfriend, now his fiancee, Samantha Labo, were driving to a goodbye dinner with their friends when the police stopped them. What happened next is something Samantha will always remember.

The couple shared a video from a police camera on YouTube. It showed the Police Chief of New London, New Hampshire, Edward G. Andersen, and his partner coming up to their car. They asked Van Vliet for his driver’s licence and car papers.

The Police Officer Was Hostile Towards The Man’s Girlfriend

Man Fakes Arrest In Surprise ProposalWBZ

Labo recalled her interaction with the officer: “He was just really rude to me the whole time, so I started, like, crying because I didn’t understand why he was being so mean.” After the officers came back from their vehicle, they informed Van Vliet that there was a warrant issued for his arrest.

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The girlfriend was flustered and bawling at the time as she recounted, “I had no idea why. They weren’t answering my questions. They made me step out of the car, too. It was just crazy, the whole experience.”

That is when things took a turn. As the police officer put handcuffs on Van Vliet, he checked him quickly and discovered a small box. In the video, you can see the officer taking the box out of Van Vliet’s pocket and asking about it. Van Vliet then takes the ring from the officer and goes to Labo, who is crying a lot. He kneels down and asks her to marry him.

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