Love Island Kaz Crossley Dubai Drug Video, Cocaine Sniffing, Snorting, Arrested

A video recently appeared on the web showing one of the biggest problems in the world. Drugs ruin many people’s lives, still many people use them and surprisingly many big celebrities use them, their names are often in the news and they create a lot of controversies. A video showing a famous celebrity taking drugs during a party is also going viral this time around. Now this video has gone viral on social media and many users are criticizing her for that, she was arrested.

Kaz Crossley Dubai Drugs Video

The star was identified as Kaz Crossley and is being held in Dubai on suspicion of drug offences. As we said in the viral video, she is seen taking the white substance and people are criticizing her. In the video, Crossley inhales the white substance from the table, while she can be heard other people cheering her on. Now, those who saw the video claim that the white substance is none other than cocaine, however, at the time of writing this is not yet stated. The police filed the case and arrested her. They are interrogating and looking for more evidence.

Now her viral video has become a controversial topic of discussion on social media and everyone wants to know more about the case. Several people are shocked and disappointed with Kaz’s behavior. Despite knowing that he is a famous star, he is not supposed to do those things. Reports indicate that when the Dubai police found out about the video of her, she was instantly arrested on suspicion of drug offences. She was in police custody for many days before being released from jail on bail. The report states that the Love Island star has been charged with drug possession and is currently awaiting trial.

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kaz crossley

If you are found guilty, there is a high chance that you could face a long jail sentence. At the moment, she is not in jail and is awaiting her trial. Her case is being investigated by the police and is going through the legal system. Her fans are quite shocked and couldn’t believe this news. It is unclear why Kaz Crossley chooses to inhale the white substance in the video. Fans of her speculate that she was intoxicated and that she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. As of now, we have so many details, but we will share more soon.

kaz crossley

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