Luxuries! Arab shows what gifts he would give if he had a ‘catracha girlfriend’

A video went viral on social networks showing how an Arab confesses that she can give various luxuries to a Honduran woman.

The publication, made by hamad_millionaire2It was carried out after a Honduran woman ‘sent her regards’.

The Arab responded with a video and its description: “For the pretty short girl from Honduras.”

In the video, you can see how an Arab offers him various valuable objects, such as a latest model cell phone, luxury cars, flowers and trips.

According to the images, it is seen how the Arab offers a yellow Lamborghini car, huge bouquets of flowers, an iPhone and outings to luxurious restaurants in Dubai.

In the description, the user adds if there is any single Honduran woman to give him this type of luxuries.

The comments on the video were immediate, indicating that Honduran women “deserve all luxuries.”

“We Hondurans are flying high,” “How far we Catrachas have come,” “That’s something incredible,” are some messages.

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