Lydia Meshhoe Cause of Death: Tributes Come After Death First Lady and Founding Member of ACDP

We always said that the news of death always brings sadness. Whether it is an ordinary man or a famous personality, the news of death always brings tears and sadness. This news becomes more terrible when the deceased is a famous personality, especially that person who is a representative of a particular nation. We often criticize our governing body and politicians, but somewhere we know that this is the strength of the nation that helps create the strong structure of the nation. One of those great politicians recently left the world and put his followers in deep pain. Follow more updates on PKBNews

Lydia Meshhoe Cause of death

We are extremely sorry to share the news of the passing of “Lydia Meshe”. The news of her death is nothing short of shocking to everyone associated with her. Not only her followers but also her detractors felt sad after hearing the passing news from her. She was the founding member and veteran of the ACDP who breathed her last on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. Wayne Thring, who is the vice president of the party, officially confirms the news of her passing. As soon as people and netizens heard the news of her, they immediately rushed to social media to pay tribute to her.

People remember her for her selfless effort to make the nation a better place for women. The news of her death is really sad, but as we said, no one can cheat her death. Speaking of her accomplishments, she was the founder of ACDP and served as the president of Women of Destiny, which is the women’s wing of the party. She always encourages women to improve the world. She also worked as a member of the NEC, a member of the Gauteng legislature, and a Gauteng Provincial Leader. His party has released the statement after sharing his deceased news which reads: “With deep sadness and grief, the ACDP affirms the news of the death of ACDP First Lady Dr. Lydia Meshe today (Wednesday, January 25 of 2023).

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Lydia Meshoe

She was explained as a “true Proverbs 31 woman.” Other than that, she is known for setting a good example to the ladies of South Africa in the way she worked and also supported her husband and party president. She married Kenneth Meshe in the year 1976 with whom she always thinks of the betterment of the society and the nation as well. Thring stated that she “played an important role in uplifting and empowering ladies across South Africa after becoming president of Women of Destiny.” As of now, details of a funeral are not available.

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