Man charged with DUI for allegedly riding a horse while intoxicated

A California man has been charged with DUI after going on a drunken horseback riding excursion, police said.

Officer Kody Brackett of the California Highway Patrol – Merced was on duty when he saw “a rider carrying an open container of alcohol,” the agency said in a Facebook post Sunday.

The officer approached the equestrian to investigate and quickly concluded that the rider “was under the influence,” which led to his arrest on a DUI charge, according to CHP Merced.

“It is worth noting that, according to California Vehicle Code 21050, the rules of the road apply to those who drive animals on the road,” law enforcement officials noted.

In what CHP Merced described as “a show of true compassion,” Officer Brackett ensured the horse’s safe return home.

California Highway Patrol – Merced Officer Kody Brackett stopped a man riding a horse while allegedly carrying an open container of alcohol. California Highway Patrol Merced

The agency posted a photo of the police officer happily posing with the beautiful bay horse standing next to his parked patrol car.

CHP Merced said the incident should serve as a reminder “that riding while intoxicated, even on horseback, poses risks to both the rider and others on the road.”

The horse’s rider has not been publicly identified.

The Post reached out to the CHP on Thursday for further comment on the arrest.

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