Man Ends Up With A Hole In His Throat After Holding A Powerful Sneeze Back

Imagine you are in an important meeting, and in the middle of a grave discussion, you get the urge to sneeze. You know the sneeze is going to be loud; it might even interrupt the speaker and steal away the spotlight.

So, to not become that guy in the meeting, you sniffle your poweful urge to sneeze. However, this simple act of consideration ends up leaving a gaping hole in your throat. A total nightmare, right?

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Man Ends Up With Throat Hole After Holding Sneeze

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Well, something of the sort conspired when a healthy 34-year-old man tried his best to hold in his sneeze to be polite and ended up with a hole in his throat. In a recent paper published Monday by BJ Case Reports, this bizarre story came to the fore by a group of doctors.

The report published was described by these doctors as “Snap, crackle and pop: when sneezing leads to crackling in the neck.” The report detailed that the man did not just hold in his sneeze in the common hand-over-mouth way but pinched his nose and held his mouth closed to halt the sneeze.

Apparently, the aggressive method was one of the reasons the man ended up with a hole in his throat. His strange symptoms after the incident involved painful swallowing, a noticeable change in his voice, a popping sensation, and swelling in his neck. Seeing his worsening state, the man decided to seek medical help.

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X-Ray Revealed ‘Streaks Of Air’ Trapped In The Man’s Throat Tissue

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After the doctors had a closer look at his throat, the X-Ray revealed that some “streaks of air” had become trapped in his throat tissue. It was eventually concluded that the man had raptured his own throat unknowingly. The author of the report concluded that it was the type of injury that usually results from trauma, surgery, or infection.

Wanding Yang, one of the doctors who authored the report, told CNN, “This 34-year-old chap said he was always trying to hold his sneeze because he thinks it is very unhygienic to sneeze into the atmosphere or into someone’s face.”

Yang added, “That means he’s been holding his sneezes for the last 30 years or so, but this time it was different.” In the interview, the doctor also shared that even though the case was rather shocking, it was a small perforation that did not need any operation to be fixed.

As treatment, the patient was given a feeding tube and antibiotics, and within two weeks, he had recovered enough to start eating soft foods.

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