Man Pranks Scammers, Harassing Them To Give Up In Hilarious Viral Video

There are a lot of fake text messages from scammers showing up on people’s phones these days, whether it’s a bogus job offer or an “angel investor” ready to turn your life around. However, these scammers are never too smart and often make noticeable mistakes. One user thought it was better to take advantage of this loophole and got amused by a scammer who was trying to get his personal information.

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Man pranks scammers in viral video

Man pranks scammers in viral videopexel

Daniel Fratello is an internet video creator who deals with scammers on a regular basis. He gets involved with messages that normally anyone would avoid. In this particular case, TikToker ran into a scammer who wanted his Instagram login information.

In a text message, the scammer warned Fratello about blocking his Instagram account, which has nearly 150,000 followers. The scammer asked for his username and login password to recover his Instagram account. Seeing that Fratello was practiced at discerning such fraudulent texts, he cheekily replied, “Why did you give me a warning if I’m already blocked?”

Although the creator showed no signs of being caught in the fish trap, the scammer kept up his facade and insisted on obtaining the login information. However, it would certainly be difficult for any self-respecting adult to fall for these types of scams, as the biggest red flag is their frequent and apparent misspellings.

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Scammers’ lack of vocabulary figured out their scheme

Fratello taunted the scammer by mentioning that they would already know his username if they knew he was blocked. Saying that, he also gave them a fake password. However, the scammer insisted on obtaining a username. Asked if they were Instagram support, the scammers confirmed that they were “bi-Instagram”.

The creator mocked the scammer for using the term, quipping, “I really didn’t need to know your sexuality.” At this point, the scammer turns into a lawyer and aggressively requests the information. However, Fratello does not relent. He asks the scammer to send a photo as proof of his identity.

In response, the scammer sends a photo of a woman. The obvious lie breaks the internet. Obviously, Fratello doesn’t send the information from him even after getting the stock image. This causes the scammer to give up and run away after sending a text message saying “You suck” to the creator.

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People on the internet were incredibly entertained by the creator’s encounter with the scammer. Some even mentioned that they didn’t care if the Fratello videos were fake, however they were funny.

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