Married British Airways pilot snorted coke off topless woman’s chest before trying to fly: ‘I’ve been a very naughty boy’

He was going to improvise.

A British Airways pilot snorted coke off a topless woman’s chest while partying in South Africa before dazedly trying to fly on a packed flight to London, according to a report.

Mike Beaton, married with one son, had a night off for “down time” in Johannesburg before he was scheduled to be co-pilot on a flight back to London four weeks ago.

He spent the night consuming alcohol, drugs and women, he boasted in text messages he sent to a flight attendant friend, the Sun reported.

“I have been a very naughty child,” he told him.

When he attempted to fly the next day, the crew member reported the pilot’s alarming night to his superiors, who canceled the 12-hour flight to Heathrow Airport, costing British Airways approximately $120,000, according to the outlet.

Beaton was suspended and flown home as a passenger on a plane the next day. He was given a drug test at the airport, which he failed, and he was subsequently fired.

British Airways pilot Mike Beaton snorted coke off a topless woman’s chest while partying in South Africa before dazedly trying to fly on a packed flight to London.

In his text messages to the stewardess, Beaton said he had met two local men, a Welsh woman on holiday and a “young Spanish bird” at a Johannesburg nightclub.

After hours of drinking, the group staggered to a hotel bar for a drink before ending up at one of the local men’s apartments.

“Welsh has decided I should be her boyfriend; Spanish has hooked up with one of the two local guys and they are sucking her tits on the couch,” she said.

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Second test flight of the Airbus A350-1041 at Toulouse Blagnac Airport, before being handed over to British Airways, in Toulouse, on July 27, 2023.  Beaton was subjected to a drug test at the airport (which he failed) and was subsequently fired. NurPhoto via Getty Images

The “girls” were dancing topless when the cocaine arrived, Beaton boasted.

“I lost my shirt somewhere and one of the local guys pulls out a plate with some lines of coke on it,” he wrote. “So there is a debate about which chest is the best to make a hit on.”

“That’s the story of how I ended up snorting cocaine off a girl’s chest in Johannesburg,” he gloated happily.

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“I spent the night with Welsh, she for a long time (I guess coke played a part),” he continued, “and then I was so fucked up I couldn’t even lift my head until I left.”

A British Airways source told the Sun the incident left the airline in shock.

“Of all the bad behavior that occurs between flights, this incident is hard to believe,” the source said. “A first officer receives rigorous training and knows the law inside out. His mission is to protect the safety of passengers.

“The idea of ​​sending details of your drinking and drug session to a flight attendant between flights is extraordinarily silly,” they added.

When he was drug tested at Heathrow, “alcohol would no longer have been found in his system, but the Class A drug would have been found,” the source said. “He will never fly again.”

Sources at British Airways told the Sun that passengers on the flight were not at risk following Beaton’s drug binge.

The airline confirmed that the pilot no longer works there.

“An airline must inform us immediately if a UK pilot has abused drink or drugs when boarding or being on board an aircraft,” the UK Civil Aviation Authority told the outlet in a statement.

“In these cases, we would immediately suspend the pilot’s medical examination, meaning they cannot fly,” the agency continued. “In most cases, the pilot would be evaluated by an expert medical team and, if he wished to return to flying, a comprehensive rehabilitation program would be implemented.”

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