Michigan police save baby who stopped breathing after stopping speeding Camaro to hospital

A heroic Michigan police officer saved a baby who stopped breathing after he pulled over the boy’s uncle for speeding in a Chevrolet Camaro Tuesday night.

Dash cam footage captured the dramatic rescue by Warren Police Officer Brendan Fraser, who sprang into action during the traffic stop when he heard frantic pleas from the 18-month-old’s mother.

“Help, help, we have a dying baby here,” the driver yelled through tears as the police officer ran to the car, according to dash cam footage released by local stations.

“I thought he was competing with someone, or maybe he was trying to get away from something,” Fraser said of the pilot, according to CBS Detroit.

“And then, really, now it made sense when she gave up her baby. She is heading to the hospital which is about three-quarters of a mile away.”

The car was headed for the hospital and was going at least 75 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.

The car was pulled over for speeding before the policeman knew what was happening. Warren P.S.

The driver handed the baby to Fraser and the officer saw the child turn blue and have his eyes roll back in his head.

Fraser began giving the boy back blows in hopes of clearing his airway, all while trying to keep the boy’s mother and brother calm, the footage shows.

Some sort of liquid was spat out as the officer worked to save the child’s life.

The boy's uncle and mother were understandably frantic during the tense moment.The policeman hit the baby on the back to get him to breathe again. Warren P.S.

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“He’s breathing, look at him, he’s fine,” Fraser said, according to body camera footage reported by Fox 2.

“It was certainly a huge relief,” he said, according to CBS Detroit.

“When the child began to breathe and you saw the color return to his lips.”

The boy's uncle and mother were understandably frantic during the tense moment.The boy’s uncle and mother were understandably frantic during the tense moment. Warren P.S.

While it’s unclear what was wrong with the boy, he was able to recover after first responders took him to the hospital, according to the station.

“Officer Fraser’s actions at this traffic stop are nothing short of heroic,” Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said in a statement, according to the Detroit News.

“This incident demonstrates that police work and traffic stops are not always about issuing tickets or making arrests.”

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