Microsoft launches Jugalbandi, a multilingual AI chatbot for rural India

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Microsoft released Jugalbandi on Tuesday. It is an AI-powered multilingual chatbot that can be used with the popular WhatsApp texting app. The bot was created to reach rural areas of India that are difficult to reach by the media and have no access to government aid programs.

“I tried this when I went to India recently and learned two things. First, the fact that we can build things can change the lives of 8 billion people, not just a few. And this spread may occur in days and weeks instead of years and hundreds of years. “By doing this, we also make sure that fundamental rights are protected,” Satya Nadella said in his keynote speech when he spoke about Jugalbandi.

AI4Bharat and IIT Madras have worked together to make the robot. Microsoft said the goal is to give users personalized help by understanding their questions in multiple languages, whether spoken or written.

When the bot receives the question, it gets information from the relevant programs, which are often only available in English, and returns it to the user in their own language.

Microsoft says that Jugalbandi uses AI models from AI4Bharat and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to make it easier for users and the chatbot to communicate with each other. These generative AI tools can combine vast amounts of data to create text and other types of material. Microsoft said that Jugalbandi provides users with a secure and reliable platform by using Indian government systems. It also makes sure that the data is secure by using the Azure OpenAI Service.

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The chatbot came out in April and was tested in Biwan, an Indian town near New Delhi, the country’s capital.

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