Migrant buses leave Texas for New York even though the city is full, as the siege continues to hit the Big Apple

More buses full of migrants left Texas bound for New York City on Friday, despite Gov. Kathy Hochul’s insistence that there is no more room for them.

Buses chartered by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as part of his attempt to give non-border states a taste of the migrant crisis left Del Rio and Eagle Pass for the Big Apple, as the flow of migrants from the border continues. towards the big cities.

Statistics published by The Post this week showed that 1.23 million immigrants have been allowed to legally cross the border to file asylum claims in the past 11 months, according to data analyzed by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), an organization non-profit of Syracuse University.

Of those migrants, 95,000 said they were headed to New York City so far in 2023, according to TRAC data. City Hall says about 60,000 are still in the 200 shelters the city has established across the five boroughs and continue to strain resources.

A witness in Eagle Pass, currently the flashpoint of the border crisis, said about three dozen migrants boarded the bus, a mix of single adults and families.

Immigrants line up to board a bus chartered by Greg Abbott from Eagle Pass, Texas, to New York City on Friday. James Keivom for NY Post
a migrant woman waving A newly arrived migrant waves and appears excited as she is admitted to the U.S. in Eagle Pass on Friday. James Keivom for NY Post
Migrants and border agents standing Migrants are processed by border agents in Eagle Pass, Texas, after which they are detained and evaluated. James Keivom for NY Post

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They said: “There were at least six young children, including a baby in a yellow onesie, who were boarded. “They said it would be a long bus ride and would take about two and a half days to get to New York City.”

Another bus left town bound for Chicago. On Friday, Governor Abbott announced that he would provide more buses from Eagle Pass to destinations across the United States for migrants.

He also announced that he would begin busing people out of El Paso, a Democratic-controlled city that has long resisted allowing the governor to run buses but is also overwhelmed.

Sources told The Post on Friday that the city expects an influx of up to 9,000 people in the coming days as more large caravans of asylum seekers head to the border.

Governor Hochul’s hypocrisy is staggering,” Abbott’s press secretary, Andrew Mahaleris, told The Post on Friday.

“With millions of residents, New York is only dealing with a fraction of what our small border communities face on a daily basis. Instead of complaining that 14,000 migrants are being bussed to New York City from Texas, Governor Hochul should denounce her party leader, President Biden, who has been flying planeloads of migrants to New York and, often, under the cover of night.”

The buses chartered by Abbott represent just a drop in the ocean of the enormous wave of immigrants. Most fund their own travel once they cross the border or receive help from numerous charities and travel by bus or plane to their final destinations across the country.

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Shortly before the bus departed from Eagle Pass, another bus filled with immigrants from Del Rio, Texas, arrived at the New York Port Authority bus station.

Like the 14,000 who arrived in the city last month, they will be assigned a hotel or shelter to stay, but they may not be able to live there as long as others, who have stayed for months.

Migrants getting off a bus.A busload of immigrants from Del Rio, Texas, arrived in New York City on Friday morning. Robert Miller for NY Post
A line of immigrants at the bus station. Once the migrants arrived, they lined up to board another bus that would take them to the city’s processing center. Robert Miller for NY Post
troops talking to immigrants National Guard troops monitored the migrants and answered their questions as best they could. Robert Miller for the New York Post
People outside the Roosevelt Hotel in New York The immigrants were taken to the Roosevelt Hotel and processed. New York City received 14,000 immigrants a month in July and August. Stephen Yang for NY Post

Like the 14,000 who arrived in the city last month, they will be assigned a hotel or shelter to stay, but they may not be able to live there as long as others, who have stayed for months.

Hochul supports banning New York City’s “right to housing” law, which guarantees a bed to anyone who requests one.

She told CNN on Wednesday that the rule was never intended to “house literally everyone,” adding: “It was never imagined to be an unlimited universal right, or obligation for the city, to house literally everyone.” ”.

The Adams administration wants to impose a deadline on how long immigrants can expect the city to pay for their stays: 30 days for single adults and 60 days for families.

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This week, the Biden administration said it will offer temporary legal status to about 472,000 Venezuelans who arrived in the country on July 31, partly prompted by calls from Adams and Hochul to allow more immigrants in New York to work legally, instead to do it. resorting to the underground economy.

Federal law prevents asylum seekers from applying for a work permit until six months after submitting their asylum application, to discourage people from seeking asylum for purely economic reasons.

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