Monserrat Oliver’s partner, he meets Yaya Kosikova with whom he has a rumor-proof relationship

The Slovak model and the Mexican host have been together for more than eight years, despite rumors of separation.

Monserrat Oliver’s partner is Yaya Kosikova, the 37-year-old Slovak model with whom he has already shared about eight years of relationship.

Montserrat Oliver and Yaya Kosikova met in 2015, at a party in Los Angeles. The Mexican host was struck by the beauty and charisma of the Slovak model.

The relationship of Montserrat Oliver and Yaya Kosikova

The couple began dating shortly after meeting each other and their relationship has been very stable ever since. In 2019, they married in an intimate ceremony in Texas.

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Separation rumors

Despite their love, the couple has faced separation rumors on several occasions. In 2023, it was said that Montserrat Oliver and Yaya Kosikova were estranged due to the host’s closeness to her ex-partner, Yolanda Andrade. However, the couple denied the rumors and assured that their relationship was intact.

Monserrat with his girlfriend.

Montserrat Oliver and Yaya Kosikova are a couple who have proven their love beyond rumors.

The Mexican host and the Slovakian model have been together for more than eight years and their relationship is stronger than ever.

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