Mont Tremblant Gondola Accident: Fatal gondola accident in Quebec’s Mont-Tremblant

As soon as people find out about him, they all start searching for him online for more information. We’ll be talking about the victim of the Quebec gondola disaster here as the public searches for him. Sheldon Johnson, a resident of Kingston, Ontario, passed away suddenly in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. His family have expressed their sorrow at his passing. In this post, we will provide details about him and his passing. Find out more about him and the incident by reading the rest of the article.

Mont Tremblant gondola accident

Sheldon Johnson, a Kingston, Ontario resident, died in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, after his nacelle was struck by drilling machinery. His family has expressed how much they would miss him. That morning, he was traveling with his partner, Marichu Gadong-Gleyo, a 58-year-old Ontario native. According to provincial police, she is in a Montreal hospital in critical but stable condition. The family of Sheldon Johnson, 50, expressed their gratitude in a statement provided by Johnson’s brother, Shawn. “Sergeant Sheldon Johnson CD was a loving father to three beautiful children, two of whom are still alive and miss him dearly, and an angel in heaven who he is currently holding.”

They call Johnson “a wonderful, loving brother” and friend. He served in the Canadian Forces for 21 years and was known for always putting others before himself. He had so much more love to share and his life was too short,” the statement said. Gadong-Gleyo’s family also sent their condolences to CTV, stating that she “was a beautiful and loving person.” We hope for a speedy recovery for her. In a letter to CTV, Johnson’s fellow soldiers from the 5th Canadian Division (5 Cdn Div) also confirmed, “with a heavy heart”, that Johnson was one of them. They will be greatly missed by the Canadian Armed Forces, he said, and the 5 Cdn Div sends its condolences to all of the members’ friends, family and colleagues.

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We are doing everything we can to help the member’s family at this extremely difficult time. Forage M2P, a Quebec-based construction company, has verified that one of its employees operated the drilling device believed to be responsible for the gondola collapse. Management expressed its “sincere condolences” to the families and friends of the victims in a press release issued Monday night. About halfway up the mountain, Johnson and the woman were catapulted from the airframe, and Johnson was killed. According to Forage M2P President Maxime Patry’s statement, the nacelle “was struck by the mast of a drilling rig that an employee was moving from the site via a path designated by the Mont-Tremblant owner.”

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