Moona Hoshinova Face Reveal: Real Name, Identity, and Age

We love sharing information on current affairs. Especially those who are searching by netizens and this time they are searching for “Has Moona Hoshinova made a face reveal? People always wanted to see her face, but she always uses an anime character to hide her real face from her. But now many of the fans seek to see her face. Last year she reached 1 million Youtube subscribers and since then more and more people connect with her but no one has seen her face and they always want to see her.

Moona Hoshinova Real name, identity and age

Things that are always hidden develop people’s interest and it is quite obvious that they find out. Even we also want to see his face. Along with Ayunda Risu and Airani lofifteen, Moona is a member of the first generation of VTubers from the Indonesian branch (ID) of holo live. She marked her debut with her first cover of Beverly’s “Again” on June 4, 2020. The first generation would get their second outfit thoughtful and in honor of Indonesian Independence Day, according to a hololive Indonesia tweet on August 14. of 2020.

Moona Hoshinova Face Reveal

Indonesian virtual Youtuber presented his second second outfit. This one is pretty attractive that he had a ponytail. This outfit is particularly based on Indonesian clothing. Those who actively watch videos on Indonesian Youtuber know that Moona became the first hololive member hailing from Indonesia to reach around 4 lakh subscribers on Youtube. This youtube released the song of her titled “Ai no Chiisana Uta” after she reached 5 lakhs of Youtube subscribers with her becoming the 33rd member of Hololive everywhere and the first Indonesian to achieve this achievement.

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Moona Hoshinova Face Reveal

Iofifiteen, Moona, and Risu have already prepared to go public with their 3D models sometime in the year 2021 on April 15, 2021. On the same day, Moona gained 6 lakh subscribers. On June 6, 2021, Moona broadcast as she achieved 7 lakh subscribers on Youtube. On 8th August 2021, Moona got 8 lakh subscribers and followers on Youtube. Iofi revealed that first generation Hololive ID members will soon get their third 2D outfit at the time of their AREA 15 segment on August 15, 2021.

The revealed face of Moona Hoshinova

There are many people who are desperate to see her face and after the speculation on social media, people are instantly rushing to social media to see her face. However, all the speculations about the reveal of her face are wrong. She has not revealed her face as Vtuber has not yet revealed her face to her fans. Fans must wait longer to see her face.

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