Most American workers haven’t gotten a raise in three years: survey

The typical American worker hasn’t seen a pay rise in the last three years, according to a recent survey of 2,000 American adults conducted by OnePoll and conducted before Labor Day.

While Labor Day is meant to honor the contributions of workers in the United States, the survey revealed that of 1,859 employees surveyed, 46% feel “somewhat recognized” in their workplace, while 8% feel feel completely unrecognized.

Respondents shared their top concerns about today’s workforce:

Generation Z is more concerned with worker strikes nationwide (69%) than job security (49%). Among millennials, half are most concerned about pay cuts (53%), wage gaps (49%) and worker strikes (45%). Generation Xers and Boomers have similar concerns about job security (45% and 49%) and pay gaps (44% and 46%).

About 73% of all adults agree that the gender pay gap still exists.

Additionally, 54% of female employees and nearly 58% of male workers share the belief that gender has an impact on their current salary. When it comes to making changes in the workplace, half of those surveyed think that direct communication with management is the most effective way to encourage companies and bosses to improve working conditions and wages, and 51% supports this approach.

Many people also believe that going on labor or union strikes (49%), filing a complaint with HR (40%), or posting on social media (36%) can lead to positive change in workplace conditions.

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As labor strikes continue to make headlines, 41% of respondents mentioned that they had participated in a strike before, while 47% had not.

Among those who took part in a strike, the majority advocated better work hours (68%), higher wages (58%), better health insurance (56%), and negotiations for better benefits (48%).


When asked if they currently belong to a union, 43% of workers answered “yes”, while 43% said “no”.

The majority of union members believe that joining a union was the best job-related decision they ever made, with 93% expressing this sentiment.

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