New optical illusion challenge: there is an owl hiding in the tree, can you see it?

We have long been challenged by optical illusions that require both intense observation and a keen eye for detail. The stakes are considerably higher in this mind-blowing optical illusion, as you need 20/20 eyesight to find the owl hidden in the tree.

At first, the image might look like just another tree. But when you focus more intently on the finer details, you’ll see more going on than meets the eye. Finding the carefully disguised owl buried among the vegetation presents a challenge.

Your ability to see is tested with this optical illusion that leaves no room for error.

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Owl in disguise: can you find it in this image?

Optical illusion test: discover the owl hidden in this treeCredit: Caters News Agency

You can see the owl if you look closely and carefully, hiding among the bark of the trees. The sharpest eyes will finally be able to distinguish its head and facial features from its feathers, which blend perfectly with the rest of the tree trunk.

Larry Lynch, an avid photographer based in Florida, took the photo after spotting the bird lurking in a tree not far from his home. He commented that he was very happy that the image came out beautiful.

“The lighting setup for this shoot was a challenge. We needed a main light source to serve as the sun because we were shooting in the dark, and we also wanted a fill light to soften or open up the sharp shadows from the main flash,” he explained. .

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“This method is similar to that occasionally used in portrait photography studios.”

“There’s a good chance I can use the knowledge I’ve gained to find and photograph another nest in the future because I’ve learned a lot about these beautiful birds over the past few years,” he continued.


The owl pictured is an Eastern Screech Owl, which is noticeably small and therefore difficult to notice. The image shows how successfully this bird hides from predators using the bark of deciduous trees as camouflage. However, if you focus on the center of the image, you will be able to make out a pair of eyes looking at you.

But all that is shown is the head.

Here is the answer

The owl seems to have located a hole to rest in, but has chosen to leave its head sticking out. You should be able to see it if you focus on this area of โ€‹โ€‹the tree. If you managed to overcome the disconcerting optical illusion, you may even have 20/20 vision.

Optical illusion test: discover the owl hidden in this treeCredit: Caters News Agency

Your vision is tested in this amazing optical illusion. 20/20 vision is not only a benefit, but the solution to finding the owl lurking in the tree. Whether you have this visual ability or not, remember that optical illusions like this serve as useful reminders of the extraordinary possibilities of the eye and the value of honing our perception to fully appreciate the hidden beauty of the world.

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