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Nigar Shaji Biography

With the start of Aditya L1 at ISRO, many scientists have received promotion in their respective departments. One of them is Nigar, who looks after the ethics of the Solar Mission on behalf of the Indian Space Agency.

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His birthplace is Sengottai, Tamil Nadu, where he lives with his family. He joined ISRO in 1987. You will get more details about the scientist in the biography of Nigar Shaji, as discussed later in this article.

Nigar Shaji ISRO Scientist

ISRO was founded by Vikram Sarabhai on the auspicious day for the country, August 15, 1969. His interest, knowledge and leadership led him to open the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad. That was the beginning of India’s most influential missions to date.

Kalpana Chawla (aerospace engineer) was part of STS-87 with a space-time of 31 days, 14 hours and 54 minutes. She was a true jewel to the country but lost her life due to the disintegration of the space shuttle Columbia.

After that, many scientists worked for the agency. These include S Somanath (Chairman ISRO), Sankarasubramanian K, Principal Scientist of Aditya L1 Mission, M Sankaran, who was Distinguished Scientist @ISRO and is now Director of URSC, M Vanitha and more. These members are a boon to ISRO and India’s success.

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Nigar Shaji Biography

Article title Nigar Shaji Biography
Name Nigar Shaji
Profession ISRO Scientist
place of birth Sengottai, Tamil Nadu
Age 59 years
Religion Hinduism
Education Bachelor’s and PG in Electronics and Communication
Family Sheikh Meeran (father), Saitoon Biwi (mother)
Date of joining ISRO 1987
current designation Mission Director Aditya L1
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What is the religion of Nigar Shaji?

Nigar’s nationality is Indian and follows Hinduism.

Nigar Shaji Family Details

Family is the greatest support for an individual, especially when his dream is to reach Space. Nigar’s family has always been supportive of her in whatever she chose to get closer to her dreams.

Sheikh Meeran (father) and Saitoon Biwi (mother) have nurtured the scientist with great values. Nigar is married and has two children; Son (PhD holder working in the Netherlands) and daughter (licensed doctor currently pursuing a Master’s degree). His husband (a mechanical engineer) resides in Dubai.

How old is Nigar Shaji, Aditya L1 mission manager?

Born in 1964, her age is 59 years in 2023.

Nigar Shaji Education Details

She attended the SRM Girls’ School in Sengottai, Tamil Nadu where she completed her fundamental education. To graduate, she joined Madhurai Kamaraj University in Electronics and Communication and later completed a postgraduate degree in the same field.

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ISRO Centers

Most of the people were asking us in the comments section about the various work centers of the Indian Space Research Organization. These are:

  1. Vikram Sarabhai Space Center
  2. Liquid Propulsion Systems Center
  3. Satish Dhawan Space Center
  4. UR Rao Satellite Center
  5. Educational Development and Communication Unit
  6. Northeast Space Applications Center
  7. Space Applications Center
  8. ISRO Telemetry Command and Tracking Network
  9. Physical Research Laboratory
  10. ISRO propulsion complex
  11. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
  12. National Remote Sensing Center
  13. Master Control Installation
  14. ISRO Inertial Systems Unit
  15. semiconductor laboratory
  16. National Laboratory for Atmospheric Research
  17. Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
  18. Regional Remote Sensing Centers
  19. Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory
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These centers are located opposite to carry out different projects. Therefore, on the basis of skills, performance, knowledge and experience, ISRO scientists are promoted to the different centers or departments.

Nigar Shaji ISRO Career

As we discussed earlier, Nigar joined the Space Agency after completing his postgraduate degree. She was part of the Satish Dhawan Space Center to explore her abilities. With consistency and a positive approach to her work, she became part of the UR Rao Satellite Center, located in Bengaluru.

She understood the work in the company with credibility, hence she was appointed as Aditya L1 Mission Director in ISRO. She made sure that the launch was perfect and therefore she instructed her team during that critical moment. The launch date of Aditya L1 was September 2, 2023. The duration of the mission is around 5.2 years, so a success is expected, unlike Chandrayaan 3.

You can analyze from Nigar Shaji’s biography that a strong desire and right approach drive his career. And, to be on the right path, you have to continually flow like a river along the paths of challenges.

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