Nvidia Chromebooks Cancelled, Google Shifts Focus to Cloud Gaming

Recent information indicates that Google has shelved several projects aimed at producing Nvidia-powered Chromebooks.

To jog your memory, buzz started in May about Google’s initiative to introduce several Chromebooks equipped with Nvidia graphics cards. This was part of an ambitious leap into the gaming sector. The excitement around these laptops stemmed from the idea of potentially transforming the gaming experience on Chromebooks, which currently leaves a lot to be desired due to their reliance on integrated GPUs. These integrated systems simply cannot match the punch delivered by standalone graphics cards in top-tier gaming laptops.

However, this optimism took a hit recently. A developer note was spotted on Google’s Chromium Gerrit, their open-source code review platform, revealing, “Herobrine, Hades, and Agah are all canceled.” It further stated that the infrastructure for these projects had been dismantled. Nvidia was explicitly mentioned in the build files, indicating that these laptops would’ve featured Nvidia GPUs.

Furthermore, a report from the tech news outlet About Chromebooks shared that this cancellation affects other Chromebook models that were in line to use the same boards as the aforementioned projects. This implies the discontinuation of projects Cora and Zeus.

This revelation is a continuation of another recent development. On August 11, Chrome Unboxed highlighted that Google was discontinuing six Chromebooks powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon. Combining these announcements, we see a sudden termination of 11 devices. The rationale behind this large-scale discontinuation remains unclear. Some speculate that the development challenges were unforeseen and perhaps more intricate than initially assumed.

Looking Forward

Despite the news, it might be worth considering if the introduction of Nvidia graphics cards, such as the mid-range GeForce RTX 3050, in Chromebooks was a sound decision in the first place. Chromebooks, known for their limited reparability, shorter lifespan, and occasional overheating issues, might not have been the best fit for such high-end graphics hardware. Google’s decision to halt these projects might actually be a blessing in disguise for consumers.

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On a brighter note, the dream of a powerful Chromebook gaming experience may not be over. The developer comments didn’t explicitly state that Google is stopping all endeavors into Nvidia-powered Chromebooks, just the mentioned projects. This could indicate that Google is revisiting their approach and might surprise us with an improved project in the future. After all, if not Hades, why not Poseidon or another Greek deity-inspired name for the next innovation?

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