Ohio Police Rescue Pig Named Pearl Pancetta Who Escaped Transport Truck Heading to Slaughterhouse, Video Shows

A boar-friendly piglet has been given a second chance at life after falling from a transport truck likely taking her to the slaughterhouse.

Heartwarming body camera footage captured the moment Ohio State Troopers rescued the pig, affectionately named Pearl Pancetta, from the road in Ross County to take her to her new home.

“This little pig did NOT make it to market,” the department wrote in the video’s caption.

Pearl Pancetta was found hiding in the brush along an Ohio highway after escaping from a transport truck. Ohio State Highway Patrol

Troopers searched through roadside brush for the small pig after receiving reports of a piglet running along U.S. Route 35, about 45 miles south of Colombus.

The officers quickly saw a pink flash beneath the green forage and pounced on Pearl Pancetta before she could escape again.

The piglet, understandably terrified, burst into squeals as the strangers took her back to their patrol car.

Pearl in baby clothes.Pearl Pancetta survived the jump with mild road rash. Ross County Humane Society

“Now what?” an officer can be heard saying.

“Oh baby!” the second soldier squawked at Pearl as she tenderly petted the eager pig.

Despite her dangerous fall (or daring jump) from a moving car, the pig suffered minor road rash but no other injuries.

Pearl.The pig was kidnapped by two state police officers and taken to a local Humane Society. Ross County Humane Society
Pearl sleeping in blankets.Pearl temporarily lives in the home of a Humane Society employee while she recovers from her death-defying jump. Ross County Humane Society
Pearl sleeping in a cage.Pearl will be moved to a safe farm animal shelter in the coming weeks. Ross County Humane Society

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However, Pearl seemed to calm down after her rescuers wrapped her in a reflective vest and placed her in the back of their patrol car.

Officers took her to the Ross County Humane Society, which provided her with a temporary home to recover from her minor scrapes.

After she recovers, the pig will be permanently moved to a safe haven for farm animals, where she can grow into the 600-pound pig she was born to be.

“Pearl will join some potbellied friends in a few days where she will live her life and not turn into a belly,” the Humane Society said.

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