Oliver Shone: Boy Killed By Log, Gisborne Beach Calls For Justice

A gruesome incident has been reported showing the murder of a child. Now, it takes just a few minutes for this news to go viral on social media and multiple news websites and soon enough people start searching to find out the details of the death. Many people associate this death with murder and some still wonder what happened to the child that became the reason for his death. Well, the reports state that the incident happened in the month of January and now finally after 3-4 months the grandmother of the deceased has spoken about the incident. She is still in shock over the death of her grandson and she wants justice for him.

Oliver Shone was killed by a log on Gisborne beach. Photo Credit: News Center

Who was Oliver Shone? Child killed by log

The deceased was identified as Oliver Shone who was killed by a forest log on a Gisborne beach. Now his grandmother claims that she wants justice for his death. She recounted the entire incident to the reporter, mentioning that she was on vacation with Oliver in January when her 11-year-old grandson was fatally injured on a Waikanae beach. She has decided to speak out about the passing of her loved one because she is afraid that other children will die and she wants strict action on logging, waste material and woody harvest waste from the forestry industry.

Oliver Shone Boy killed by a logMarie Shone wants justice for her grandson. Photo Credit: News Center

he states that “if someone had shot his grandson, he would have been in jail. If a car had hit him, they would also be in jail. But a log is not a reason for death, according to them. He further added: “All I want is justice for Oliver. It was not the time to leave the world since he had his whole life ahead of him. I don’t want any more children to be killed by logs. I don’t want any more deaths.” The grandmother of the deceased wants to hold the forestry industry accountable saying that it is time that they should settle the court of her”.

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Oliver Shone Boy killed by a logPhoto Credit: Paddy Gower Has Issues

The grandmother of the deceased wants the forestry industry to take care of death. She further added that “How can you let those logs roll down the hill, destroying people’s houses and homes and livelihoods, everything?” She must be careful when rolling down these deadly logs in rivers and beaches. Someone has to take responsibility for this.” Oliver’s grandmother is totally devastated by his death, as she was her only grandchild and she doesn’t want any other parent to go through that grief. She just wants justice for him. She claims that Oliver was a loving and charming boy with a bright future ahead of him, but this incident changed everything.

Oliver Shone Boy killed by a logPhoto Credit: News CenterOliver Shone Boy killed by a logPhoto Credit: News Center

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