Olivia Plath’s Parents: Who are Don and Karen Meggs?

People are curious to know about Don and Karen Meggs. Who are Don and Karen Meggs? You will get complete details about Don and Karen Meggs in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Who is Olivia Plath?

Olivia Plath grew up in a conservative family. She is a well-known TV show star. People took notice of her after her appearance on the TLC series Welcome To Plathville. She and her husband are seen together in the series. She and her husband have a good bond as they both grew up in a similar environment. The show also features an ultra-conservative family. She keeps sharing photos on her social media account as she is a wedding photographer. People are curious to know about Don and Karen Meggs.

Olivia Plath's Parents

Who are the parents of Olivia Plath?

Olivia Plath is born to Don and Karen Meggs. She is a born in 1998. She is quite young right now. She celebrates her birthday every year on April 25. Her family is conservative. She has nine siblings. Her parents gave birth to ten children. if we talk about Olivia, she is a reserved person and likes to stay away from her family. She is also on her spiritual journey and self-discovery. The show she appears on also features her brother, Nathan Meggs. She appeared in season 4 of Welcome to Plathville. The three brothers moved to Florida.

Olivia, Ethan and Moria were together with Nathan. His family believes that children are a gift from God. One should not use any birth control technique. Olivia and her husband Ethan have the same kind of mentality. This caused them to get married. These families are called Quiverfull families. What does your father do?

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Olivia Plath's Parents

Olivia Plath’s father, Don Megg:

Don Megg is the father of Olivia Plath. He is a Software Development Engineer. His mother is a housewife. He used to work with Delaware. He is a Fortune 500 company. Later, he moved to Roanoke, Virginia. He wants to have more space for his family, so he decided to move there. The family has its own farmland, chicks and cows.

They want their children to know the value of food and how it is grown and gets to them. This was the reason why they had farmland and animals. Olivia and her older sister were given the responsibility of preparing the meals. Unfortunately, her brother, Micha Titus Meggs, passed away on May 4, 2023. He was struck by a car while riding his electric bike.

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