Optical Illusion: Can You Tell At A Glance If These Disks Are Moving?

There is a fascinating fact in the field of optical illusions that challenges our impression of movement. When we look at a record collection, we notice that they appear in constant motion, defying logic and fooling our senses. This delves into the exciting world of this optical illusion, urging readers to challenge their initial assumptions and take a deeper look.

Explore the science behind illusion, looking at the mechanisms of visual perception and how our brains interpret motion signals. Discover the variables that contribute to the apparent motion of the disks, which challenges our concept of reality.

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Can you see the disks moving from a different angle in this optical illusion?


— Crazy optical illusions (@crazyiIIlusions) February 27, 2023

The optical illusion was posted on Twitter by user Crazy Optical Illusions. It represents two yellow and blue discs that seem to rotate at first glance. However, as stated in the optical illusion’s text insert, “Although it may look like the disks are moving, it’s actually the arrows that are tricking your brain.”

Investigate the psychological effects of optical illusions and their impact on human perception. Understand how our brains fill in the blanks, creating illusions that challenge our understanding of reality and provide meaningful insight into how the mind works.

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Are you convinced that these disks are moving in this optical illusion?Twitter/@crazyiilusions

Traces the history of optical illusions, highlighting the major discoveries and notable personalities who paved the way for a better understanding of these perplexing phenomena. Find out how artists, scientists, and vision experts have advanced our understanding of visual deception.

The impact of optical illusions in various sectors such as art, design, psychology and neuroscience. Find out how artists use illusions in their work and how academics use these phenomena to investigate human perception.

After exploring the exciting realm of the moving disc illusion, it’s clear that our vision isn’t always accurate. Optical illusions test our preconceptions and force us to reconsider what we see. So watch those records again and let your mind travel to the wonderful world of optical illusion.

This is what Twitter users said about this optical illusion

What do you notice about this optical illusion? For you, are these disks stationary or moving? It was in February of this year that the optical illusion was first shared. It has subsequently had over 4.3 million views, and the number is constantly growing. After watching the optical illusion video, several people left comments. While many argued that everything seemed to remain stationary by covering the arrows, others disagreed.

“Cover the arrows and everything stops.” “Important. ‘Awesome,’ said one Twitter user. Another said: ‘I didn’t believe it at first, but then I tried to cover one of the arrows with my finger and take a screenshot and it’s true.’ It’s amazing,” said a third. “I’m so confused,” said a fourth. “Wow, that’s crazy!” exclaimed a fifth. “Oh, they don’t move at all!” exclaimed a sixth.

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Cover the arrows and everything becomes stationary. Mind. Spoiled. 🤯🤯🤯

-Bob (@BobSee123) February 27, 2023

Wow, the human mind is truly an enigma. I finally got to see the illusion by closing one eye, hopping on one foot, and rubbing my forehead at the same time. truly enlightening

— ً (@Mr_Seasons_) February 27, 2023

This is the most reliable method. Thanks for sharing

— Crazy optical illusions (@crazyiIIlusions) February 27, 2023

This kind of humor is my least favorite that the normies stole from 4chan.

— Karrit (@TheRealKarrit) February 27, 2023

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