Pakistani wedding turns into wrestling match after Mamu creates chaos over missing lamb at Biryani

Amid the melodious melodies of love and the radiant glow of togetherness, a secret is whispered among the wedding guests: the real star of the show is not the bride’s dress or the groom’s elegant suit. No, it’s not even the sincere votes or the tearful speeches.

Yes, you guessed it right: the food! In a world where “I do” is often accompanied by “What’s on the menu?” Many attend weddings with a not-so-secret agenda: They’re there to enjoy a banquet fit for royalty.

As guests juggle their dishes like a carefully choreographed dance, the search for Biryani and Gulab Jamuns can lead to unexpected clashes.

In a shocking turn of events, a Pakistani wedding escalated into intense conflict when a man expressed his dissatisfaction with the portion of lamb in his biryani.


A video circulating on the ‘X’ platform, formerly known as Twitter, captures the moment individuals are seen throwing chairs at each other.

The images offer a panoramic view of the dining room, divided by elegant white curtains.

Kalesh during marriage ceremony in Pakistan because mamu didn’t get mutton pieces in biriyani

– Ghar Ke Kalesh (@gharkekalesh) August 29, 2023

On the one hand, the women eat; on the other, men eat. Two men sitting at a round table, enjoying their meal, suddenly begin to physically fight. As the video progresses, more people join the fight. The situation gets to the point where they even use chairs to hit each other.

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At one point, the women intervene to break up the fight.

One person humorously commented: “I get angry too if I don’t get the right pieces of meat, lol.” To add to the fun, another person joked: “Pakistan is never short of entertainment.”

Yet another altercation took place in Uttar Pradesh, India, in an apparently unrelated incident. This time, the catalyst was dissatisfaction at receiving only seven Panipuris for Rs. 10.

The situation quickly escalated when the disgruntled customer, Kishor Kumar, physically picked up the vendor, Ram Sevak, and engaged in a public confrontation. This spectacle took place in the heart of Hamirpur, near Akil Tiraha, and was caught on video by a passerby, India dot com reported.

TIT Education cannot confirm the authenticity of the video.

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