Palm Reader predicts the death of a woman and then kills her by giving her chocolate laced with pesticide

In Brazil, a tragic incident unfolded when 27-year-old Fernanda Silva lost her life. It all started when she accepted a piece of chocolate from an old woman she met on the street.

This elderly lady, who identified herself as a fortune teller, made a chilling prediction: Fernanda only had a few days to live.

Tragically, Fernanda consumed the chocolate and the consequences were devastating.

Just one day after this disturbing encounter, on August 4, he died. Her cousin, Bianca Cristina, revealed in an interview with G1 that she became seriously ill at her house after returning from a routine errand.

He recalled that Silva’s vision became blurry for a few hours and seemed to improve the next day.

At first, the family believed it could be another episode of gastritis and ulcers, like those Silva had experienced before.

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Her aunt María Gomes, quoted by Globo, stated that her concern increased when she began to vomit, have nosebleeds and foam at the mouth.

A family member quickly took her to the Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital, where she was declared dead.

“When the chocolate was packaged, it didn’t occur to him that it could pose any danger,” said Bianca Cristina. “And since she was hungry, she decided to eat it.”

The autopsy report, made public last Wednesday, revealed that the candy contained a significant amount of sulfotep and terbufos.

Sulfotep is a pesticide used in greenhouses for fumigation, while terbufos is a chemical found in pesticides.


Although these substances are easily available in Brazil, the forensic doctor confirmed that they have not been detected in deceased people in the last five years.

Text messages acquired by Brazilian media showed that Silva informed a family member:

“Can you believe I went to wash and hang up Mel’s clothes just now and felt so dizzy?”

He then sent a text message, mentioning that he lost his balance and almost fell to the ground.

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‘I leaned on the water tank. I almost fall. “I almost knew God,” Silva wrote. ‘I don’t know why I’m like this, sister. I’ve been feeling bad all day.

He explained that he took the candy from the supposed fortune teller because “She was an old lady. I ate it because it was sealed well, right? But I feel very weak since then.”

‘My heart races. I have vomited. But I have this taste in my mouth. So bitter. Bad. My vision is blurry. I’m so weak.’

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Silva’s cousin, Lumenita Valoz, couldn’t understand why anyone would want to harm the mother of a nine-year-old girl with special needs, especially since she had no enemies.

“I just know that Fernanda was not involved in parties, chaos or anything like that,” Valoz said. ‘I don’t see anyone having a reason to do this to him, but we don’t know anyone’s heart. If it was someone who ordered the murder or if the fortune teller killed her because she wanted to, only the police will find out about her.’

The homicide division of the Civil Police is investigating Silva’s death, but they have not made any arrests.

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