Pentagon launches new one-stop website for declassified UFO information, which will include photos and videos

The Pentagon is launching a website that will provide publicly available declassified information on unidentified flying objects, including photos and videos, federal officials announced Thursday.

The website will be the official website for information published by the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office. [AARO] – a relatively new Pentagon office founded in July 2022 tasked with analyzing reports of unidentified aerial phenomena. [UAPs] in US airspace.

“This website will serve as a one-stop-shop for all publicly available information related to AARO and UAP,” reads a Department of Defense press release.

“AARO will periodically update the website with its latest activities and findings as new information is approved for public release.”

The AARO website will make declassified information about UAPs available to the public and allow government employees to report directly to the agency. Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF
reported data of UFO sightingsOnly a fraction of the percentage of UAP sightings have been found to be true “anomalies.” AARO

The website appears to still be under construction, but is scheduled to be operational in the fall, the DOD said.

The Pentagon said it was “committed to transparency with the American people about AARO’s work” on UAPs.

Through the new site, the public can browse photos and videos of UAP as they are declassified and read reports on sightings as they become available.

The PentagonThe website is expected to be operational this fall.REUTERS

The site will also have tracking maps of deployed aircraft, balloons and satellites.

When finally operational, the AARO site will also have a tool that will allow “former US government employees, service members, or contractors with direct knowledge of US government programs or activities” submit a report directly to AARO regarding unidentified aircraft.

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The AARO has received reports of more than 800 UAP sightings over the past three decades. However, only 2% to 5% were considered “possibly truly anomalous,” AARO director Sean Kilpatrick revealed earlier this year.

Public interest in the UAP has skyrocketed since former top intelligence official David Grusch claimed the United States was hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life but failed to provide any evidence while testifying before Congress this summer.

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