PHOTO of Fátima that she deleted with Javier Milei What was the strange liquid spilled on the bed?

Learn about the photo of Fátima Florez that she deleted with Javier Milei and discover what the strange liquid spilled on the bed was.

A photo that Fátima Florez published went viral on social networks, which she deleted a few minutes after being published in an Instagram story, generating different reactions on digital platforms.

Likewise, the image in question was of a purple sheet, which was wet and on the side a male hand was visible, where a hand can be seen, where users claim it is Javier Milei’s hand.

PHOTO of Fátima that she deleted with Javier Milei. Photo: Social networks

However, the Argentine journalist Estefi Berardi expressed the following on her Twitter; “Last minute, Fatima confirms that they spilled their coffee. They were having breakfast, we believe her.”

Likewise, the rumors grew due to the uncertainty whether or not it was Milei, however, the media outlet, Clarín, contacted Fátima and she confirmed that he was the candidate for the presidency of Argentina.

Who is Fátima Florez’s boyfriend?

The economist and politician confirmed his romance with Fátima Florez, who is an actress, imitator and comedian who was born on February 3, 1981 in Olivos, Argentina, and therefore, is 42 years old.

The confirmation was made by the advisors of the political leader of the La Libertad Avanza party and the comedian, who stated that the romance began more than 4 months ago.

Likewise, a source assured that Fátima expressed; “It’s very nice to have found each other. “Time flies when we are together.”

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Likewise, the host of the program “Intrusos”, Guido Zaffora, indicated that he asked Javier Milei about the possibility of a couple, however, the presidential candidate responded that; “I was very happy” with Fatima.

Zaffora stated that the couple met at a meal at Mirtha Legrand’s table, on December 3, 2022, where Zaffora said “I love this romance” and Milei and Florez responded; “Us, much more. We are very happy”.

After that date the couple began to verse in a different way. “We stayed in touch from that day and one day we began to see each other differently,” the panelist said the economist told him.

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