Police Officers ‘Shadow’ Blind Girl For 400 Days, Protect Her On Walk Through Subway In China

The heartwarming moment has people on Chinese social media lauding the police officers. The incident took place in eastern China when a police officer duo watched over a blind girl for over 400 days and kept her safe. This touched the hearts of millions of people on the internet in mainland China.

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Chinese Police Officers Protected Blind Girl On Subway For 400 Days

China Police Officers Protect Blind Girl On Walk For 400 DaysSCMP

Since the beginning of 2022, policemen at Gulou subway station in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, have quietly followed the young visually impaired girl whenever she goes through the station,

per a report by the Ningbo Evening News.

Even though the girl has a small backpack and a guide dog, the police officers still walked with her from the moment she entered the chaotic and bustling subway station all the way until she safely left through the exit.

Mo Fei, one of the Police officers in the duo, said, “She should be a middle school student, and we noticed the time she appears at the station and her route, which is fixed.”

While At First Her Relatives Accompanied Her, Soon She Walked The Route With Just A Guide Dog

China Police Officers Protect Blind Girl On Walk For 400 DaysSCMP

Fei also revealed that at first, a relative accompanied the little girl, but soon she started mapping the route with just her guide dog. Mo and his colleagues have made regular plans since.

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They follow the girl, but they keep about 2 to 3 metres away from her. A video from the subway’s cameras showed that the officers would stop when the girl left the station. They waited until they were sure she was okay and then continued their daily chores on the job.

Mo expressed, “We’d like to guard her, but our principle is not to disturb her.” He continued, “I think the girl’s relatives and the dog must be aware of our existence, but they haven’t told the girl. So the girl doesn’t know about us, and we are willing to be a shadow.”

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