Portland Kristin Smith Missing Found Dead: Who Killed Her?

Whenever we hear the report of someone missing, the first thing that comes to mind is the safety of the person. As most missing reports end with death reports and sadly this time too, a previously missing woman is found dead. Her community members are quite shocked to hear this news and her family is completely devastated. They all did an exhaustive search to find her safe, but unfortunately they couldn’t find her alive. Now the family and the police asked the people to stop the search for her who were still looking for her and the police started the investigation of her death.

Portland Kristin Smith Missing Found Dead

There are several people who want to know what happened to her and where her body is and when she disappeared. Is there someone behind her murder or is it a case of an accident? All these questions are troubling people today and they want to know every detail about it. The deceased was identified as 22-year-old Kristin Smith. She disappeared in southeast Portland, leaving her family desperate to get back safely. According to her sister Hailey, Kristin’s absence feels like a part of themselves is disappearing. Her family stated that each day that she went by without her made them more disturbed and worried and they constantly prayed for her well-being.

Despite searching numerous areas of Portland, they have found no trace of her. The police began the investigation into her disappearance on November 19, 2022 and to date they have not been able to find her. Unfortunately, the police get a lead on her that instantly brings sadness to her community. According to reports, the police found her remains and informed her family. Her family was hoping to find her safe, but her hopes are shattered into millions of pieces. The circumstances surrounding Kristin’s disappearance and the outcome found of her remain unrevealed. Now, the police are asking the public to share any information if they know of it.

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The police are trying to solve this mystery of death. At the moment, it is not known if she died alone or if someone killed her. The police are trying to get the details to find out what happened to her and who is behind her disappearance and then her death. Reports indicate that police found her remains in a remote wooded area located in Oregon. The Portland Police Department assured that the remains of her body were found on February 19 and after the forensic test informed them about the identity of the deceased. The police are investigating the matter and denied sharing much information about this case.

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