Prankster places fake nudist sign on popular Chicago non-nude beach

This was not the whole truth.

A prankster posted a fake sign on a popular Chicago beach over the holiday weekend warning that it had suddenly become a nudist park.

The fake Park District sign reading “Nudist Beach Beyond This Sign” was seen stuck in the sand at Loyola Beach, which is less than a mile away from the Catholic university of the same name in the Rogers Park neighborhood. .

City Councilwoman Maria Hadden posted a photo of the official-looking sign on Monday, warning beachgoers not to bare it all for Labor Day.

“We have been notified that someone has installed this bold sign in Loyola Beach. Please note this is not an official @ChicagoParks sign,” Hadden said. posted in Xformerly known as Twitter.

“We have informed Parks so they can remove it. As a reminder, at least some clothing is required on all of our beaches.”

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone fell for it: Chicago police didn’t have a report on the prank.

Nudist beach sign found posted at Loyola Beach on Labor Day.X / @ChiAlderwoman

Although the hoax was probably just for laughs, it actually had some roots in local history.

According to Hadden, one of his predecessors in the 49th District introduced a 1932 resolution vying to create a nude sunbathing beach at the same location, just two years before it became the land known as Loyola Beach.

George A. Williston’s proposal was intended to appease men and women who have “despised the activities of nudist cults in Germany and other parts of Europe,” according to a Chicago Tribune clipping shared by the politician.

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Loyola Park BeachThe beach is located less than a mile from Loyola University in the Rogers Park neighborhood. Flickr/Mike Harper

The proposed nudist beach would have been equipped with high-rise facilities that would prevent nearby buildings from seeing naked sunbathers and would have separate spaces for men and women.

The nudist colony would also have a spokesperson appointed by the city, who would also be in charge of inspecting the beach facilities for knots in the wood.

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