Pride Month 2023: 5 Celebratory Events in Indian Cities You Should Add to Your Calendar

Pride Month 2023 in India: Pride Month celebrations are held vividly in various parts of the country with unique themes every year.

Pride Month or LGBT Pride Month is dedicated to the commemoration and celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride. It is observed in various parts of the world from June 1 to June 30 of each year. During this time, the roads and streets of different cities around the world are covered with colorful flags that represent the LGBTQ community and defend their voices and interests.

Pride month stands for all those who were involved in the Stonewall riots, a series of gay liberation protests in 1969. The Stonewall Inn is a popular bar in New York City that was raided by police on June 28 of 1969. The Stonewall riots continued for days and ignited a long fight for the LGBTQ community to recover their rights. Meanwhile, Pride Month in India is associated with the speech on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which sparked protests across the country. In 2014, the transgender community was recognized as the ‘Third Gender’ and the Supreme Court in 2017 recognized sexual orientation and it was protected under the fundamental right to privacy.

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Pride Month celebrations are held vividly in various parts of the country with unique themes every year. The theme for Pride Month 2023 is “Anger and Resilience, reflecting the current global climate with the resurgence of anti-LGBT bills and laws.” Various events are taking place as part of the Pride Month 2023 celebrations across the country, check out our compiled list.

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1. KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

It is an annual event that has been held since 2010 in commemoration of Pride Month. This film festival screens gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender films from India and around the world. The KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival has been voted one of the top five LGBT film festivals in the world. This year, the film festival will run from June 7-11, followed by an online festival, the dates for which have yet to be announced. The theme of KASHISH 2023 is ‘Be Fluent, Be You’.

2. The LGBT Pride Summit in Mumbai

The 2023 edition of the LGBT Pride Summit will be held in Maratha, Mumbai on June 21 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm The event will focus on panel discussions on the importance of diversity.

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3. Queer Made Weekend: a proud celebration in Delhi

Delhi being the capital of the country hosts various events in commemoration of Pride Month. The event will take place on June 17-18 at DLF Promenade in Delhi. The event is established with the aim of bringing together and promoting LGBTQ-owned entrepreneurs and small businesses.

4. Chennai Rainbow Pride

This year will mark the 15th edition of the Chennai Rainbow Pride. The event will take place on June 25 and the venue has yet to be finalized or announced. This pride march celebrates the visibility of diverse sexualities and gender identities as a nation. People come here to celebrate the love and identity of queer groups.

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5. Satrangi Mela (Pride Edition), Indiranagar SOCIAL, Bangalore

Satrangi Mela in Bangalore is set to host the Bengaluru edition on June 18 at noon at Indiranagar Social, Bengaluru. This event is all about celebrating queer people and has fun events planned for the LGBTQ community throughout the month.

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