Raquel Bigorra’s husband, Alejandro Gavira, a producer with extensive experience

Alejandro Gavira, the husband of the Cuban host and actress Raquel Bigorra, is a producer with an extensive career in film and television.

Raquel Bigorra’s husband, Alejandro Gavira, began his career as a film producer in 1999, with the film “Almost Impossible.”

Since then, he has produced more than 20 films, including “The Legend of Charro Negro” (2002), “The Last One and We Go” (2005) and “No Returns Accepted” (2013).

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On television, Gavira has produced several soap operas, including “Azul tequila” (1999), “La mujer de Judas” (2012) and “Por amar sin ley” (2018).

He has also produced several television shows, including “La Academia” (2002-present) and “La Voz México” (2011-present).

Raquel Bigorra and Alejandro Gavira married in 2008 and have a daughter, Rafaella Gavira Bigorra.

His wedding day.

Biography of Raquel Bigorra’s husband

  • Full name: Alejandro Gavira
  • Date of birth: August 19, 1972
  • Place of birth: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Education: Anahuac University
  • Career:
    • Film and television producer
    • CEO of the production company Gavira Films
    • Director of the events company Gavira Entertainment

Gavira Cinema

Gavira is the CEO of the production company Gavira Films, which produces films and television shows. The production company has been responsible for several box office hits, including “No Returns Accepted” (2013) and “Cindy the Royal” (2017).

Gavira Entertainment

Gavira is also the director of the events company Gavira Entertainment, which organizes corporate and social events. The company has organized events for companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Televisa.

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